Drove out for a while,Yangliu still doesn’t believe Huo Yunhe’s uninvited。

Hot weather,She played with the kids for a long time,Sweat all over,The air conditioner in the car is on,Feel much cooler,But the blush on the face is still there。
It’s hot,Is even more embarrassed。
When I think of him eating tofu without any scruples in front of the children,Dare not face him,Smart eyes dodge everywhere,But I don’t know her shy look,Falling in Huo Yunhe’s eyes,Even more itchy。
Wide suburban roads with fewer cars,The car drove off the road,Slowly drive towards the woods,Stop by a lush bush,Seat belt unfastened,Finger move,The co-pilot’s seat fell backwards。
The stalwart body leaned forward,The dense kisses fell on the girl’s lips、cheek、Forehead.After a long while,Back to the delicate lips。
Yangliu was breathless by him,Finally broke free,Breathe,It took him a long time to stare at him in disbelief,“Are you and Raikage the same breed?Why do you see me every time,Even biting。”
Raikage is a German black back,Huo Yunhe was not angry at all because his girlfriend classified him and the dog into the same breed,T-shirt rolled up,Showing a slender waist,Beautiful breasts wrapped in black lace,It’s bloody!
The calm look no longer,The eyes are getting deeper,Big hands covered,The delicate and soft feel is really good。
A man whose breathing is equally unstable,Lying on her shoulders,The nose and mouth are all girls’ unique deodorant,“Yiyi,Go to my place,Ok?”
There is a hard feeling from Yangliu’s lower abdomen,Huo Yunhe’s emotions come too fast,She can’t hold it。
But she is not ready yet。
Holding the big heads rubbing against the chest in both hands,Put your fingers in your hard hair,Somewhat tied,Men with stiff hair,The character is also tough,But when Huo Yunhe was with her,Always let her,As long as she disagrees,He will never mess around。
Man’s eyes confused,Voice dull,Shortness of breath,The body that emits strong hormones covers your body,The masculine scent that belongs to a man also fills her nose and mouth。
It’s the first time for such undisguised desire,Scared her,Also let her.Distracted。
In college,People in the same dormitory have friends,Will move to live together soon,In their words,No matter how good a man’s external conditions are,The hardware is not up to standard,Not good。
Although women still suffer in this respect,but,It’s much safer than finding out after getting married。
Mother’s experience,Make Yangliu’s behavior extremely cautious,She didn’t want to know before things became clear,Just hand over yourself easily。