Man please read the jealous woman

Man please read the jealous woman

There is such a couple, the wife is a “vinegar jar”, she often inexplicably eats “vinegar” for some small things, and she does not know whether her husband really has any thoughts and actions that make her jealous, hate jealousy, orWhat’s the strange charm that made his wife be obsessed with her. In short, as long as this man has a little too much wind to move on to other women, his wife will be angry, and it is a long time to leave the other side alone.

  For example, the husband plays computer at home. When his wife sees her husband chatting with his friends on QQ, Baozhun will give her a cold eye. If the content of the chat between her husband and the other party is ambiguous, the wife will count her husband and let him down.The most unbearable thing for a husband is that his wife forbids him to video with women on QQ.

The reason is that after these two things are not the cause of the quarrel between the two parties, his wife always tells her husband why he is jealous: “That ‘s because I love you, because I love you, so you are not allowed to be ambiguous with other women.!!

“Of course, this is just the jealous expression of his wife when the husband is surfing the Internet. In real life, his wife often says two more words because her husband and other women or he looks at one of the beauties more often, he will hitI turned my wife’s vinegar jar, which is why they often quarreled, but after a few days, they reconciled again.

After all, that wife is indeed a good woman. She loves her husband very much and is afraid of losing it because she loves her too much. When the vinegar jar is overturned, the vinegar smell is evaporated from her heart and she is back to life.The role of a good wife.

  However, some things in life are often so unsatisfactory. One day, the wife accidentally found a text message on her husband’s cell phone, which was sent by a woman named “Leaf”. Although the content is not very ambiguous, butIt can also be seen that the relationship between the two of them is extraordinary. This time it was found that his wife was silent. Two days later, the husband forgot his mobile phone on the pillow. The woman named “Leaf” sent another text message and was just packed.The wife of the bed received it, and his wife opened the message to read it. It was a very kind and sweet greeting and blessing. It also faintly could trim the leaves to some kind of feelings for the husband. This discovery gave the wife a beating.A bit great, she thought that her husband and this woman named “Leaf” must have any ambiguous feelings, otherwise the text messages would not be sent to her husband’s mobile phone so frequently, so she started questioning her husband, but the husband repeatedly deniedHis relationship with the woman just admits that the woman is just a chat buddy of her own, but the wife is really upset this time了Jealous, and she thinks her husband leaves woman must be called in to engage in “courtship”, so she crying a good freshman for a long time, and afterwards back to your mother home to live for nearly half of the day.

And the husband, under the strong jealous spirit of his wife, felt very aggrieved and annoyed. Thinking about his life after marriage, his wife always restricted some of his freedom and could not stay with other women, so he decidedDivorced his wife.

Although her wife was unwilling to break up with her husband, saying that she was jealous because he cared too much about him, the man made up his mind and had no room to shake. Finally, when relatives and friends were unable to mediate, they divorced.Already.

  Later, the man looked for a very magnificent woman because he learned the lessons of this failed marriage.

It was also beyond the imagination of this man. The woman later discussed was completely different from the previous one. She would not eat “vinegar” for her husband.

Take online chat, for example, I obviously talked very intimately with my girlfriend on QQ, but the wife did n’t even look at it. If it was the previous one, I was afraid that the computer would be smashed by her. There are many times,The husband formally talked about a female colleague in his unit in front of his wife. For example, if someone was beautiful or in good shape or capable, the wife just smiled lightly at the corner of her mouth, and did not react at all.

“Can’t she really not eat” vinegar “?

Or does she not love herself?

The husband often asks himself this way in his heart, that is, at this time he will think of his ex-wife, the woman who likes to be jealous, why is that woman jealous for herself?

That’s entirely because she occupies an important place in the woman’s heart, because she is afraid of losing because of love, and because the woman is jealous of herself, which shows that she is still attractive, at least in the heart of the woman who is jealous of herself;The current wife does not respond to her husband as a woman at least, which means that the current wife does not care about what the husband is doing, including his out of mind, and this mentality appears only when the woman is notThis can only happen with the hint of loving a man. Doesn’t the wife really love herself now?

  The answer was finally confirmed one day. It turned out that his current wife had a lover outside. She often went out to date with her lover. This relationship has been maintained for two years.

The discovery this time, such as hitting a head on the husband’s head, he never thought that this woman who looked so magnificent already had his sweetheart, marrying him was just a form,No wonder she is not jealous of herself, because she has never loved herself.

Thinking of this, the man was so distressed that he hated the woman who did not eat “vinegar” and missed the woman who liked to eat “vinegar”. Only then did he understand that it was normal for women to be jealous for men.Only a woman who loves herself will have so much jealousy and jealousy, and only a woman who is jealous for herself is a woman who truly loves herself and a woman who cherishes herself. A woman who doesn’t feel about herself and doesn’t care about herself.Will it knock the vinegar jar in her heart?

. Later, this man divorced the woman who would not be jealous again. Now he is alone, and when the night is quiet, he will think of his ex-wife, how much he hopes that time will go back,Let everything start again, but how to recover what was lost, that ex-wife had married a man a year ago . Hey, there are so many misdeeds in this world!

In fact, there is a jar of vinegar in the hearts of men and women, but the jar of vinegar will only overturn for the one you love!

If women are not jealous, men will be hurt-they think they are not attractive enough and will become “safe” in the eyes of women.

Sometimes it ‘s okay for a woman to be jealous for a man she loves, at least to prove that she loves each other, and to allow a man to witness her charm and position in a woman ‘s heart, but the degree and measure of jealousy must be well grasped.Do n’t eat violently, it will only hurt the other person ‘s self-esteem and the relationship between the two.

Sisters, do you like to eat “vinegar” too?

But don’t say you don’t be jealous, because I don’t believe you can make invisible things to the man you love, why can’t you eat vinegar?

Why can’t the vinegar jar be overturned?

As long as both men and women have love for each other, it is not bad to use vinegar as a seasoning for love, friends, what do you say?