British and French fisheries disputes are dehydrated

  The dispute has not been alleviated in the British French fishery dispute, and it is still "difference huge" after the closing talks between the two parties last week.

Since the end of the year of the British Europe, the structural contradictions in the UK and the EU and the EU in various fields such as financial, economic and trade, social governance are constantly high, but the fishery disputes are one of the symptoms of the sequelae. At the end of last year, the British European agreement agreed that within 5 years after the end of the UK, the EU fishermen can still enter the British sea-seafood according to the current entry standard, but their quotas will gradually within 5 years. Reduce 25%.

However, the British Jersey Government issued a new fishing license system in April this year, requiring the French fishing boat to submit a document that was previously fishing in the sea.

Since then, the law claims that more than half of the fishing application is refused or still waiting for approval.

According to this, the UK violates the destination agreement, but the Britain denied. On October 27, France announced that it will prohibit the British fishing boat from November 2nd to enter the port and strengthen inspection of the Trucks of the British vessel and the British British, and also consider carrying out energy retaliation measures to the UK.

On November 1st, French President Marcro and the British Prime Minister Johnson announced that the law will postpone sanctions to implement the original implementation of 2nd. On the 4th, the British and French representatives said that both parties "bismuth", but the talks will continue. For the British Fa, the fisheries are not high in their own economic total, and can even be said to be minimal. However, fisheries have components in its domestic political agenda.

The British fishermen are the firm supporters of the EU, and the French election is that both sides want to keep the external tough posture to maintain domestic political interests. Therefore, this substantive economic impact of fisheries is not large, but the topic of their respective domestic political agenda has become the focus of both parties. Not only that, for the UK, due to the incurredness of the epidemic treatment, the economic recovery is increased, the Johnson government hopes to rebuild the foreign image by fisheries. For France, the Mark Dragon Government is eager to show tough position. Reward the face that was lost by the United States and Australia.

  In addition to the disputes of fishery, it is a more typical to deregular sequelae to the sequelae in the past year.

As an important part of the UK, the "Northern Ireland Protocol" before the British Europe has continued to continue the peace and stability of the North Ai area, but in order to protect the integrity of the EU single market, it is required to enter the Northern Love area from the British British Island. Products are required to fulfill offices. The British government has not fully comprented due to the disappointed trade barriers. On October 13, the EU issued amendments to the protocol, including through cutting customs, simplifying certification and reducing border inspections to promote the circulation between the Greater British Island and Northern Ireland. The EU also agreed to modify rules to ensure that drug supply in Northern love is uninterrupted.

At present, the two meetings of the British Europe have not reached a consensus.

There is a view that the game on the "Northern Ireland Protocol" problem has touched the core interests of the "Northern Ireland Protocol" compared to the fishery problem, and the long-discussed political mutual tria is more harm to the unstable political mutual trick. Decomes the sequelae, seemingly messy but in fact, the contemporary trails can be followed. From the decision of the grass rate decision decision, the avoidance of the agreement, the arrival of the AP, the year is constantly accumulating, causing the contradiction of the English Europe, and the relationship is difficult to complain.

The person in charge of the British Budget Responsibbies recently said that in terms of long-term influence, Defendown will reduce the GDP (GDP) of the United Kingdom by 4%.

The new crown pneumonia will reduce GDP to 2%, and the negative impact of Eco on the British economy exceeds the new crown epidemic.

For the European Union, in the process of solving a series of de-sequelae, its economic and political pattern will therefore change. . EDUCATION EXPLORATION. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.