Shanxi Weiyuan: Create a festive brand with the Sediment

  Xinhuanet Taiyuan September 24th during the past China peasant festival, Shanxi Province, Wuyuan County, Shanxi Province, held the 5th Sushihui, became a local cultural character, and promoted the development of ecological tourism development.

  "Salane sheep, through the head of the sheep fight, the sheep race, the lamb, the sheep river, etc. Spirit … "At the scene of" China Wuyuan · Gaoyou Reap ", Wang Jinchuan, Director of the Zihong Village Committee of Jingfeng Town, said.沁 Yuan has a wealth of green resources, the county forest area of ??2.2 million mu, 11.3 million mu of natural pastoral slides. In 2019, the Yuanyuan Sai Sheep will be selected as 100 rural cultural activities of "China Farmers". The Yuanyuan Sai Sheep will have successfully held five times, and locally combined with peasant harvest activities, relying on the local historic culture, there is also a rare sheep, famous sheep, and the ram border, lamb The competitions and the sheep tunnel and folk performances, outdoor camping, bonfire evenings, etc., but also integrated into a strong cultural in terms of folk performances.