Sahu Village, Luoyang County: The first filial piety and homes and harvest

"We sincerely invite all friends here to taste the rustic and farmers products of the Jianjian Town Town, enjoy the performance, happy to play games, feel the characteristics of Shapo village, experience the joy of peasant harvest!" Zhao, Party Secretary of the Town Party Committee The trustworthy invitation will be sent to the county.

Autumn pride, hardworking feedback.

This year, the way of Shapun Village is very special. The two elements of "filial piety" and "harvest" are blessed, and the first filial piety and harvesting and harvest sunfall areas, and launched "Shaoxian loves you Shap About you, come to the autumn "," Folk Culture Experience Project, set up a common drying experience, grain model, grain miscellaneous grain painting, etc. Rural tour demonstration village brand, attracting visitors inside and outside the county to participate in interaction, aware of civilized light, sharing the harvest joy. "Mom is filial to her grandmother, I will be filial to my mother in the future." An 8-year-old Anyu is helping the grandmother Wu Jijuan to wipe the sweat on the forehead, and said deeply, touched everyone. .

At the award ceremony of "Filial Piety," the 8 "good wife" "good mother-in-law", "good mother-in-law", is commended, "Good mother-in-law" Wu Jianju is one of them. Wu Jianju said: "The daughter-in-law will give us these old people, and the love people are arguing our old people, the clinic, and the filial panel, and the literary performance team also show us the show, and now the days are getting more and more beautiful." Wang Baoqi, secretary of the party branch of Zhenshazu Village, said: "Golden Autumn October is the season of harvest, today is the 72-year birthday of the motherland, our village held the first filial piety and seasons and sun autumn culture festival, the purpose is to let the township civilization Human hearts, let agriculture, tourism, cultural integration to promote rural residence.

"Cultural revitalization has implemented the whole process of rural residence, and the new era also provides unprecedented development opportunities for the integration of rural" petropark ".

On September 15, the 2021 World Travel Work Conference in Jixian County was held, and the main person in charge of the county party committee of the county party committee was frequent, and the participants were refreshed.

The meeting from "What is the county in the county" "What is the lack of 县" "What is the people in the county" "What to do" "How to do" in the county " Communication capacity building "is the theme, proposes the new slogan of the whole domain tourism in Jixian County:" Lake Mountain Shengya, Jixian loves you! "The high-quality development of agriculture, tourism and cultural integration of Song County caught up. The county seized the opportunity to implement the "572510 project", all-round three-dimensional to create an ecological efficiency agriculture, forming the five major industries of forestry, smoke, herm, bacteria, medicine, actively promoting the development of petropark, 7 ecological corridors , 10 gougama farm integration demonstration zones, 25 rural tourism special villages, 16 special style intends to Town Beauty drawing. Lower Town Mount, Shap Mo Shangdian, Huanhu Fruit Picking Promenade, Henggun Wetland Park, Zhangyuan Pharma Hai, etc. And the provincial forest village, became "running", there is a "value", there are "hometown", "and beautiful", have "tourists", have "vitality" "net red card". "The first impression is particularly good, the mountains, the water show, the farmeal rice is very good, people are also very kind, especially the activities held today, have folk performances, drums, especially with peppers, corn, persimmon, etc. "The motherland, the county love you" "Five Star Red Flag" huge grain grain painting and other models and square grains are special. "Ms. Liu from Jiyuan said that this is the first time to come to Yixian, for some time Seeing the scenery of Shapo on the shake, this time, during the National Day, we deliberately come over. The farmhouse owner said: "Today, there are many tourists, we have a full of farmers, people come, a lot of mood, a lot of people who want to eat dumplings today, some want to taste the sweet potato noodles, wild vegetables , Confused face, earth chicken soup, branding, things are not complicated, business is particularly good.

According to Wang Baoqi, on October 1st, Shapo village received more than 8,000 tourists, achieving a comprehensive benefit of 300,000 yuan. "Shaoxian loves you, Sha Chap is coming together to sunfall! During October 1st – 7th, tourists can play in Shapo Village, feel the fruitful results of the new era village revitalization, and the beautiful new life of the villagers in Shachai Village and enjoy the rich traditional cultural dinner. "Long-Runlong, Thaimo Town, said that during the 11th period, Shachai Village continued to hold filial piety activities. In Village Cultural Square, the elderly friends provide free cultural performances, as long as the elderly people playing in Shachai Village can enjoy free Shapo Village The filial piety banquet, at the same time, invite the good gifts, Run Long agriculture to carry out agricultural products to the village show sales, rice slope series silkworm products, small twisters, tubes, chili sauce, dandelion eggs, etc. For tourists, half price for tourists. (Wang Shiguang, the propaganda department of the county party committee of the county party committee) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.