Tax enterprises build and promote the development of accurate service to open a new office – the Inland Revenue Department to carry out duties in Jilin Province jointly established enterprises Party Day

People Changchun June 25 electricity (Ma Junhua) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding, the party history study and education, and "I do practical things cum convenience for the taxpayer to pay the tax man spring action," a combination, June 24, the State Administration of Taxation Jilin Province, the Inland Revenue Department, the Inland Revenue Department in Changchun City, two District, Changchun City, Jilin Province Ao Laite investment Limited Taxation Bureau to carry out "a tribute to the centennial tax prices Partnering for Change" theme party day activities.

The two sides held a party backbone forum on how to play a leading role in party building, party building and operational work of the organic integration of the exchange, and joint long-term mechanism to build the next branch were discussed. The tax department of youth service group shared their branch History learning experiences and experiences of young party members and business, focusing on how the new era as a young party members have in-depth discussions, and give each other a "party Shida Li package" party building and a wealth of learning materials.

Subsequently, all party members to review the party oath, grand sonorous oath, strongly shook every party member present.