“Shan Taoist!”

Zhang Shan,Just listen to the name and you know it is just an offshoot of the Zhang family。
Talented,That year and‘Buddha knife’Is an era,Even geniuses put together。
but,At least superficially,He is not liked by Zhang’s ancestors。
Like the patriarch Meng is not happy‘Buddha knife’general。
“The ancestors must support the family after all,Saito can only be sincerely convinced in name。”
“But I Zhang Shan,No wife and no children,No teacher and no apprentice,I’m alone。”
“What the patriarch dared not do,I dare!”
“Control a set of Taoist armor,Can play the strength of the earth fairy!”
“Great,Saito’s blood,I wanted to see it a long time ago!”
Bai Yufeng!
Lei Yuan Small World’s strongest casual repair,Baiyuan Taoist Dojo。
in‘Ming Dao Ren’Before the rise,Taoist Bai Yuan is the first casual cultivator。
After all, the Buddha sword is the child of the five major forces,Before leaving the family, he went to the Buddhist school of the Winter Tour World。
Li Ming this‘Ming Dao Ren’,Everyone who knows thinks he is a reincarnated immortal,I wouldn’t treat it as a casual cultivator。