1190 leopard

Huang Zhiming hesitated for a while:“Already opened ten big,You can really open eleven such evil doors?”
“I followed a handful。”
“I also followed a handful of smaller ones。”
“Although ten big ones were opened,But from my twenty years of experience in the casino,Nothing is Impossible,I’ve seen twenty big ones!”
“it is good,I’ll follow,Lost is charity!”
A few of the gamblers were really convinced by Chen Xiu,Follow along to buy big。
of course,
More people still buy small,They still think that from the probability, the probability is higher.。
It’s just that they all overlooked a problem。
After each bet,Re-roll the big dice,In fact, there is no necessary connection between each hand。
In other words,Open big or small。
In fact, the probability of opening is half and half。
At this time, all the gamblers have already bought out,Only Huang Zhiming is still hesitating。
As a frequent visitor of Silver Hook Casino、Big customer,The croupier knows him too。
“Huangzhai……Boss yellow,It’s time for you to bet。”
From the title,Obviously the croupier also knows the identity of Huang Zhiming。
Actually casino、Most people including Qingfeng Village know Huang Zhiming’s identity,After all, he often comes to town to buy、Gamble,And every time it is generous。