Xu Wen and Shen Yingjie walked out of the valley exhausted、When I came to the beach,It’s getting dark,The blue Honda off-road vehicle of Zhang Wenda in the distance is still quietly parked there。

Nobody in the car,No trace of movement,Obviously Zhang Wenda and his wife will never come back,Shen Yingjie’s mood is even darker,There is an unspeakable emotion,I subconsciously hope that these two people have not been swallowed by the black mist,But this kind of hope is almost impossible。
“Go behind that soil bag。”Xu Wen observed for a long time,Can only barely find a dirt bag in the distance as a hidden camping spot。
The grassland at night is very cold,The ultra-thin sleeping bag cannot withstand the biting cold wind,To keep an eye on the situation of the off-road vehicle and Taniguchi,I can’t light it for heating,Xu Wen simply dug a chevron pit on the spot and let Shen Yingjie lie in it to avoid the wind,I also sweated profusely,Feel more comfortable immediately,But only ten minutes later,It was cold again and started trembling all over。
Fortunately, he and Shen Yingjie rotate on duty,Rotate every one and a half hours,Two sleeping bags stacked together barely can handle,One night down,Except the night wind howls,Nothing unusual,Even the most worried wolf pack has never appeared。
When the east breaks,Shen Yingjie has fallen asleep,Xu Wen has been guarding for three hours,Although it’s sad this evening,But not long,Still full of energy till now,Very strange,The flow of time has increased,Still an illusion。
one night,Xu Wen racked his brains and thought of three options,One is to drive the car of Zhang Wenda and his wife along the mountain to look for low mountains,Over the mountain into the valley;The second is to drive along the mountain range,Till the end of the mountain,Find the other end of the valley,Reverse entry;Last kind,Or repeat yesterday’s path,Not curious about anything,Be cautious and see if you can get out of the black stone formation。
But to Shin Yingjie,,None of the three options,But there is no way,Two people are limited by conditions,Almost no equipped,I can only find this stupid way of looking at the mountain。
“The third one。”Shen Yingjie thought for a long time,She has no better ideas,And the mountains are endless,I’m afraid it has already extended to Bac He Province,So first、The second solution is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive,And time is hard to control,Actually none of them。
Xu Wen frowned,Finally put your heart to it,“Then the third,Again!”
“If it doesn’t work this time,Just try to call the instructor again?”
Xu Wen is noncommittal,But can understand Shen Yingjie’s thoughts,The valley is full of all kinds of strange supernatural forces,They can’t shake it just by their abilities,But the instructor should have his reason for this arrangement,Whether you can find the exact location of the treasure right now is of secondary importance,Keeping a close eye on the talents peeking into the treasure is the topic,Even if Zhang Wenda and his wife are dead,Also find their bodies。
The two got ready soon,Hike again to the weird valley,Taniguchi still looks like yesterday,The huge basalt cliffs appear more majestic in the rising sun,Also more terrifying。
Just stepped into Taniguchi,The two were very surprised,Yesterday’s inexplicable heart palpitations are gone,After preparing for a long time, nothing happens,It’s like the feeling of accumulating strength but hitting a punch,Xu Wen quickly took out the compass,Sure enough, the magnetism here is not abnormal,But is this thing credible?,He has doubted。
move on,Yesterday along the way,The only difference is that the mountain wind in the valley is much smaller,So the speed of travel is much faster,Soon after turning the big bend in the valley, I saw the dense black stone formation again。
The two stopped for a long time in front of the stone formation,I found that the traces of yesterday’s respite are gone,Even the blood stains left by Xu Wen rubbing the skin are gone,The surface is a mixture of sand and soil,I want to come by the mountain breeze。
“I am before you。”Xu Wen ordered to step into the stone formation,Shen Yingjie has no objection,Yesterday was side by side,It’s okay to change the way today。
The strange gravity field in the stone formation is still there,But had an experience,The pressure is not as sad as expected,I saw the rock that turned into a mountain ghost again,The strange thing is that the pit dug out by the warhead is missing,Too many weird things,Shen Yingjie no longer fuss,Trying to control the urge to reach out and touch,But suddenly I feel that the stone is slightly dazzling,Staring for a long time, even tears came out。
“Don’t look at it anymore,Forgot what we said earlier?”Xu Wen reminded,He made an appointment with Shen Yingjie,No matter what strange phenomenon you encounter in the stone formation,As long as there is no potential hostility and danger, ignore it,At least control curiosity。
Shen Yingjie quickly looked back,Feel dizzy,After calming down, I followed Xu Wen。The two continue to walk in silence,Only rustling footsteps can be heard in this quiet and terrible dead place,Gradually,The heaviness of the pace is becoming more and more obvious,The place where Xu Wen dug the bones yesterday is already in front of him。