Old Gong scratched his head embarrassedly and said:“I can’t help you live here,When I came to live with relatives,Secondly, this relative doesn’t usually give me money,Did not check out until the end of the year“

“Okay, old Gong,You have helped me a lot,Stop talking,Hurry back!I have to get up early to work tomorrow morning“Xia Jian interrupted Lao Gong,Push him away,It’s nice to have this fellow,Xia Jian felt very relaxed。
Old Gong smiled,Just turned a step,Stopped again and said:“You leaned the car against the wall,The wind in Taohe is very strong this night,Beware of cold“Watching Lao Gong away,Xia Jian was very moved,It seems that there are still many people in this world。
Leaned the tricycle against the wall on the embankment,Xia Jian lay down,A young man,It must be uncomfortable to lie in a tricycle,But there is no way。
Listening to the rushing river,Xia Jian remembered the name of this beautiful river“Taohe“
I didn’t sleep well all night,I was awakened by a couple of dog men and women in the middle of the night,From their conversation,Xia Jian heard,These two are messing around outside behind their family,Just mess it up,Kwon met a stray dog。
Morning wind,I have a chill on people,Xia Jian just fell asleep,Frozen opened his eyes,He got up,I just think this waist is about to break,It seems that sleeping on this tricycle is really not the same thing。
When Xia Jian rode a tricycle to Jingyuan Fruit Wholesale Market,Where is the human voice boiling,Busy,A lively scene。Xia Jian can’t take care of the fun,Which fruit shop in Dongben Lao Gong。
It may be related to Lao Gong,The shopkeeper’s wholesale price to Xia Jian,A dime lower than others,This made Xia Jian even more grateful to Lao Gong。Two hundred catties of apples,Spent all the money in Xia Jian,His mood is heavier than riding a tricycle,What if this sells at a loss?
unconsciously,Xia Jian has ridden a few streets,In a company called“Qingshuiyuan“Stopped at the gate of the community,Opened the plastic sheet covering the apple,Took out the pole scale,A look of a businessman。
Watching a woman in gorgeous clothes come out,Xia Jian plucked up the courage to shout:“Fresh apple,One yuan per catty,Try and buy,Not sweet, no money“Old Gong taught him this。
Woman twisting her waist like a water snake,Xia Jian said with a glance:“Really dumbfounded,Buy apples early in the morning,You let me carry it to work?“
I was splashed with cold water at the beginning,Xia Jian was very discouraged,He really doesn’t know,Who should this business be done to?。