“Why care about him?Anyway, it’s bragging without tax”Another old man smiled and said。

Wang Degui knew that someone behind him started talking about him,So he walks a bit fast。But the legs and feet that have just been ill are still a bit different from before。
Once back in the yard,Chen Yueqin began to count down Wang Degui:“You old man,I started talking nonsense when I got better。Listen to me,From today,Your scope of activity is only this yard,If you dare to take this yard one step,I’m not over with you”
“Bring a chair,I want to get some sun”Wang Degui glared at Chen Yueqin,Shout loudly。
This winter,Unusually cold。I don’t know what’s going on today,It can be said that the sun is shining brightly,There is no white cloud in the blue sky。Even the most favorite northwest wind throughout the winter,Not at this time。
“Ouch!The weather today is really warm”Wang Youcai moved a chair for his father and placed it in the middle of the yard。Yao Chunni looked at the yard a little dirty,So he cleaned the yard。
Chen Yueqin looked at her future daughter-in-law,My face is full of joy。Wang Youcai brought her Chen Xiaoju before、Later I got another Xu Lihong,Next is Ni Xiaoli who is married。Just these women,There really is no one that can make her look good。
This Yao Chunni looks good,The key is diligence,Good temper。Don’t pick what you eat,When Wang Youcai got angry, she didn’t respond。Anyway, Yao Chunni is in Chen Yueqin’s eyes,Wherever it is。
Wang Degui leaned back on the chair,He squinted,Took a breath and said:“Rich!Finished lunch,You should go back。It took such a long time to come out this time,I’m afraid the boss will be upset”
“You’re right,I should go back。Or let Chunni stay?,She can help with cooking,Mom can take care of you for rehabilitation”Wang Youcai said,I took a look at Yao Chunni who was cleaning the hospital。
Chen Yueqin’s ears are very bright,When she saw her son said that,He immediately ran out of the kitchen and said:“that’s great,I don’t know if Chunni is willing?”
“Nothing,I can stay,There is nothing to do when I go back anyway”Yao Chunni looks very generous。When Wang Youcai said this just now,He is still a little worried。After all he goes back,Just get along with Liu Ying alone。
Wang Degui sees Wang Youcai being so filial,Can’t help but smile and say:“this is nothing,I’m almost alright”
“You nonsense,The doctor said,Keep exercising,At least three months”Chen Yueqin saw Wang Degui’s nonchalant look,She couldn’t help but get angry。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Alright!You quickly cook,I should go back after eating。Come out these days,I don’t know what it has become。If the boss came and attacked suddenly,Then I will be miserable”
What Wang Youcai said,Chen Yueqin hurried into the kitchen。Northerners’ lunch is relatively simple,I usually eat noodles at noon。
Chen Yueqin’s noodles are just cooked,The sky suddenly changed at this time。The big sun that originally hung in the sky was suddenly blocked by a few clouds floating over。Gradually,The sunny day turned into a cloudy day。
Once Wang Youcai finished his lunch,Arranged a few words for Yao Chunni in a low voice,Drove his broken jeep towards Chenzhuang。Once the sky turns cloudy,It might snow,If that’s the case,If he can’t get into the mountain, he will be in trouble。
Can’t get out,The boss will definitely say he is responsible。But people can’t get in outside,Hu Huiru would definitely know that he ran home again。
From Xiping Village to Pingdu,Wang Youcai’s drive for twenty minutes。He wanted to go straight back to the mountain,But then think about it。The food prepared in Tianshan is almost eaten,He has to bring some more by the way,Otherwise, if the mountain is blocked by heavy snow,They have no food。