Zheng Ye holding a gun,Shut up and stop talking,He can only choose to be silent,He has no right to blame Shi Muluo for his actions,He doesn’t have a virgin heart,After all, I’m doing a lot in this business,It’s common to see someone die in front of you to protect yourself,It’s just that his conscience hasn’t been wiped out yet,I feel a little uncomfortable。

“See Qi Xianwei, do you know what to say??”Shi Muluo said while organizing the scene,Reinforcements are coming soon,She must use this time to clean up the scene。
Zheng Ye nodded without speaking。
“Forget it,I did what I said。”Shi Muluo thought about it,Still decided to put“Confession”Arranged,Otherwise, it will be broken if there is a deviation,“You push me for a walk,Accidental attack,Qi family desperately protect me,The whole army was wiped out,You kill the last person in a crisis,I was seriously injured。”
“But Qi Xianwei will definitely doubt this,These people can sneak into Qi’s house without the guards,He would think that someone leaked the wind,Otherwise it is impossible for no one to discover。”
Zheng Ye didn’t think it was appropriate,So there will still be loopholes。
“Except you and me,No one knows they are‘quietly’Coming in。”Finished,Shi Muluo glanced at the corpse in this yard,“look,There is no evidence of death anyway,The big deal you just say,They stormed in。”
“Even according to what you said,But now no one knows you are here,He still has the same doubts。”
“Don’t worry about it,Just kill you and never go out,I can keep you okay。”
There was a strange smile on her face,Make Zheng Ye feel insidious and terrifying。
“What did you do?”
“It’s nothing,Then you will know。”
Just talking,Qi’s reinforcements are late。
Shi Muluo is almost the moment he sees people,Tears welled up,She fell on the ground,The arms support Zheng Ye’s body,Shouted hysterically:
“Come and save him!He was seriously injured!”
She cried hoarse,Zheng Ye’s mind was blank when watching her performance,If you don’t know the truth,Really can’t see any flaws,Even someone he knows,Were all infected by her in a daze,I thought I was almost out of help。