It doesn’t matter if we can’t get the top three in the Grand Prix,Before the committee50The names of the manufacturers are announced,At that time, the money will still be a lot。”

Did you go for the top three??What a joke!
But these words don’t need to be said to Bob,Chen Gengdao:“I know all this,I mean,If we plan to do car modification business,Our technical force is not enough……”
“give it to me!”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Bob slapped his chest and vowed to Chen Geng:“boss,You can leave it to me without worry,I promise to find you enough engineers and skilled craftsmen,Is salary……”
“How about this,”Chen Geng thought for a while,Straight way:“You tell the person you want to contact,Salaries and bonuses are equal to those in the industry and slightly higher,I won’t give them special treatment,But at the end of each fiscal year,I will take out25%The net profit to everyone,How much dividends can they get,It depends on their abilities。”
Promise with illusory money in the future,Chen Geng has no pressure。
Bob’s eyes are a little red。
How many people are there in a refitting factory?Even if it’s the top tuning factory in Detroit like Iger,One year’s net profit exceeds300Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Only less than60Personal only(of course,This60Everyone is a master),If Mr. Fernandez wants to open a car modification factory,Don’t say much in the early stage,20Personal,One year50Million profit,I can take it out by the end of the year12.5Ten thousand dollars to pay dividends,On average, one person can get it6250USD,A lot of money。
the most important is,There is also such a powerful second-hand car sales company behind Fernandez and the support of a car maintenance company with a fixed source of business.,As long as the technical force keeps up,Absolutely not impossible、There is no reason not to make money……
The more excited Bob,The thoughts in my heart suddenly popped up:I jump here and forget it,Just leave the repair shop to Anderson。
The idea came out,I can’t hold it anymore,Made up his mind quickly,Bob said to Chen Geng in a very positive tone:“boss,With your words,I promise,We will find you the best talents。”
“OK,Then leave it to you,”Chen Geng is not polite to him:“You make a plan as soon as possible,Explain what equipment is needed、What kind of talents are needed,Equipment,Human words,I’ll give you enough time for a week?”
“enough!Absolutely enough,”Bob is excited all over:“butboss,I can’t be too busy with the maintenance department,I am going to hand over the work from the maintenance department to Anderson,I am in charge of the refitting factory。”
Old beauty is frank,Directly told Chen Geng what he wanted,unambiguous。
Chen Geng was a little surprised,But just a little,He asked Bob very seriously:“You figured it out?Although in the future the refitting factory will have to go out independently like the maintenance department,But the revenue of the refitting factory may not be as much as the maintenance department.……If you go to the refitting factory,I’ll give it to Anderson from the maintenance department,Even if you want to come back, it is impossible to replace Anderson。”
“boss,Thank you for reminding me of these,”The boss can speak to this point,Bob is grateful,Ordinary bosses don’t speak for this purpose:“But i think about it,I still prefer car modification,I will hand over the work to Anderson as soon as possible。”
“OK。”Chen Geng nodded,Since Bob said that,What else does Chen Geng have to say?,Happily agreed——Anyway, with Anderson’s technical level,It’s no problem to prop up the maintenance department。