Fengchao was sealed, One Brother was bad money

Fengchao was sealed, “One Brother” was bad money
Fengchao charges, causing extreme discomfort.At the end of April, Fengchao announced that its smart courier cabinet will be online with member services, and overtime delivery will receive 0.5 yuan-3 yuan.This well-calculated “lie to win” business unexpectedly dragged it into a protracted war.On May 5, the first wave of boycotts started, and a notice from the owner committee of Hangzhou Dongxinyuan Community announced the replacement of Fengchao Express Cabinet.Rugged counterattacks immediately followed up, and merged media reported that there are currently nearly 50 communities in Shanghai that say “no to Fengchao”.”Mainly because 12 hours is not enough, I will not object to 24 hours.””Sovereignty is completed, of course, fees are charged next.””It should have been delivered directly to the owner.”The express cabinet enters the community, and the property has to collect a lump sum, which is fully passed on to the owner.”Although only 0.A charge of 5 yuan (every 12 hours), but in the eyes of netizens this move is not friendly.The user’s concern about Fengchao does not lie in the service content of the members, or it is like bold, the four large strokes “overtime charge”.From pursuing rewards to seeking life, Fengchao has entered the era of “fancy” harvesting. Behind this is not only the contradiction of couriers who randomly invest in the express cabinet for a single amount, but more of the possible puzzles of the intelligent express cabinet.At the same time, express expert Zhao Xiaomin told the sauna and Yewang that both the official and the industry must realize that the smart express cabinet is an important supporting component at the end, which involves the sharing of stakeholders, 0.A delivery fee of about 5 yuan is indeed not the core of accumulating operating costs, but it is a long-term trend.Game owners formed a group to resist, Fengchao: The entrance fee has been paid, and the parking lot violation Fengchao member service was launched on April 30.According to official information, ordinary users of Fengchao, that is, users who have not purchased membership services, enjoy free custody of packaging (service) within 12 hours, and charge 0 after overtime.5 yuan / 12 hours, 3 yuan capped, called members will enjoy an effective unlimited storage service.Only 4 days later, the owner committee of Hangzhou Dongxinyuan Community issued a notice on its official WeChat official account, saying that the Fengchao express cabinet in the community damages the interests of the owner due to repeated overtime storage fees to the owner.From (in the community) suspended use.The notice stated that Fengchao violated the introduction during the negotiation in the Dongxinyuan community in Hangzhou, and the owner committee is currently negotiating on this matter.Sauna and Yewang call the community where the Hangzhou Dongxinyuan community is located. Community staff said that the reset of the Fengchao express cabinet was specifically operated and responsible by the property and community owner committee.Sauna, Yewang obtained a document with the official seal of Hangzhou Zhiguang Property Management Co., Ltd. (Dongxinyuan Community Property), the property company also issued a document on May 6 that the express delivery cabinet of the community was suspended on May 7.Ongoing, sauna, Yewang asked when the express cabinet of Hangzhou Zhiguang Property Management Co., Ltd. (Dongxinyuan Community Property) could be resumed. The staff of the property company said that the owner committee is currently in agreement with Fengchao. The specific recovery time is unknown.Afterwards, the sauna and nightnet verified the owners committee, and stopped sending the manuscript, and no longer received a reply.The above staff revealed that the overtime charging of the Fengchao express cabinet caused the resentment of the residents in the community not because of the high overtime fee, but because the customers who had already completed the consumption had incurred an extra expense.”Everyone’s psychology is different. Some people feel that it is normal to charge me a buck or two, and some people will say that my courier has been delivered. How can I still charge my fee.In response to these problems, Fengchao responded to the sauna. Yewang said that it had entered into a tripartite agreement with the Dongxin Park Industry Committee (referred to as the industry committee) on May 1, 2019, and agreed to pay a high entrance fee every year.The funds have been paid.Fengchao stated that it has paid the site fee in accordance with the agreement to provide services to Dongxinyuan community owners. The agreement does not contain restrictions on Fengchao ‘s business model and price. Whether the individual owner uses it and is willing to become a member has provided free choices in official channels.Fengchao believes that the industry committee has the right to choose against the owner. If the industry committee insists on continuing to stop, it is a serious breach of contract.If there is any objection to the cooperation, it must be resolved in accordance with the contract.At the same time, Fengchao will reserve the right to recover the contract of Sodong New Park Industry Council for breach of contract, and will also pursue related economic and goodwill losses in accordance with the contract.Turning from seeking rewards to estimating, whose nerves did the two-way charging move?Since the express cabinet has entered the end market, it has been able to integrate the advantages of security, convenience and other advantages, and has been recognized by more consumers. In order to attract customers to introduce preferential preferential policies, the express cabinet has been in free use for a long time.But in the past two years, courier cabinets have also begun to explore profit models, and eventually moved from free to fees.As early as October last year, the Fengchao express cabinet “rewarding fee” was on the hot search-when the user picks up the overtime express, the system will pop up “scan code to pay 1 yuan storage fee”, showing the time the express is stored in the cabinet,And there is a countdown of 30 seconds.However, because the prompt skip button is gray, some consumers questioned that Fengchao express cabinets have induced consumer behavior.At that time, Fengchao quickly responded that users can choose whether they are satisfied or not, and skip direct pickup.In fact, Fengchao’s express cabinet has never been a free cake.Before launching the membership service this time, Fengchao just extended the charge to ordinary users except couriers.Wang Dongqiao, a SF express courier in Beijing, told the sauna and Yewang that the grid of the Fengchao express cabinet is divided into large, medium, and small, and charges are 0.45 yuan, 0.42 yuan, 0.35 yuan.Among them, Zhongge and Xiaoge are used most frequently.However, due to the different delivery volume of the courier and the regional scope, the charging standards of Fengchao express cabinets are also different.On May 7th, Sauna and Yewang visited the concentrated area of Fenglin Express Cabinet in Qilin Society, Chaoyang District, and the charging cabinet screen had displayed charging related information. After clicking Pickup and entering the pickup code, the charging standard will appear again on the screen.If the express storage time is overtime, you need to pay the corresponding fee through WeChat or Alipay scan code before you can pick up the item.”No one picks up at home, only Fengfeng.”Cheng Xiaoyue told the sauna, Yewang. She is an Internet worker. She works at the company during the day and the courier cannot pick up the delivery. Therefore, she specially sent a text message to ask the courier to put the parcel into the Fengchao express cabinet.”On the evening of May 6, Cheng Xiaoyue received a detention reminder pushed by Fengchao Courier, and found that it had been placed for more than 12 hours, which cost 0.5 yuan storage fee.”The bid is in place, and it is easy to lose it elsewhere.Cheng Xiaoyue said that there was no express storage place in the community. During the epidemic, parcels were placed on the shelves outside the community, and there were often lost items.However, another nearby resident believed that Fengchao was no longer convenient.The 12 hours set by Fengchao are too short, often resulting in deductions due to the lack of time to pick up, and the intelligent express cabinet occupies the public space of the community. Nowadays, the charge for pickup is very unreasonable.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the charge of the express cabinet also pushed the contradiction of the delivery of the courier to the door again.Some netizens said: still ask the courier to deliver the goods to my door, and then put the courier counter to complain.It is not uncommon for cruel couriers to shake their hands to store couriers.Many users have reported to the sauna and Yeewang that they are very disgusted with the courier’s “unsolicited” behavior.”I paid for the whole announcement, and now I still pay?”The courier” please don’t ask for self-investment “, plus overtime charges, so that dissatisfaction continues to escalate.On October 1, last year, the “Administrative Measures for the Delivery Service of Intelligent Express Boxes” was formally implemented.According to regulations, companies using smart express boxes to deliver shipments using smart express boxes should obtain the consent of the recipient. If the recipient does not agree, the delivery service should be provided according to the address agreed in the express service contract.In fact, the irregular behavior of the last mile has always existed, and the courier will deliver the express to the intelligent express cabinet without the user’s permission.”There are policies at the top, and countermeasures at the bottom.Zhu Zhu, a courier in charge of the distribution of Guangqu Jiayuan Community, said that although he knew that it was not allowed to deliver couriers to couriers at will, they could not be delivered without couriers.In the sauna and Yewang interviews, several couriers refused to earn only 1 for each express.For about 1 yuan, hundreds of orders are sent every day, and I don’t want to deliver from door to door by name.But Sauna, Yewang learned that some couriers also consider personal income and will not choose to use smart courier cabinets for delivery.Yunhua courier Zhou Huaqi said that couriers need to register a Fengchao account and recharge their own pockets to store and package, so unless the customer requires Fengchao, the rest of the packaging is usually delivered to the door.”Fangfeng nest, my salary is less.”” Zhou Huaqi said.The originally selected intelligent courier cabinets are expected to have puzzles to be solved. Fengchao has recently entered a crossroads. Some users have found that there are four options when Fengchao courier cabinets pay overtime fees. They are pay-per-view, monthly membership card, and membership seasonCard and I think about it again.Click “I think again” to reject this item.”But because the first three options are marked with the corresponding payment amount, and the direction of ‘I think about it’ is not clear, I don’t know, and I didn’t click,” Li Xiaohang, a pick-up user, flicked.After being pushed to the tip of the public opinion for many days, on May 9th, Fengchao WeChat public account stated that since the member function was launched, Fengchao’s pick-up ratio has increased by 5 values within 12 hours, which means that it can be vacated every morning.Nearly one million slots, so that the courier can provide more efficient services to the recipients.In addition, Fengchao will cooperate with courier companies to encourage everyone to pick up as soon as possible. Among them, SF Express will take the lead in launching early pickup and win red envelopes in the near future.Any user whose SF package is retrieved within 2 hours will receive a 2 yuan red envelope, and within 4 hours will receive a 1 yuan red envelope.Sauna, Yewang learned that at present, the rookie station smart cabinet, Tuxi Express supermarket and other express storage points can also charge the courier one-way, and do not charge consumers for the time being.Compared with Fengchao’s first step in this step, it has nothing to do with the long-term expectation of self-seek, and the announcement of the annexation of China Post Express immediately following the charging news is called “smart courier cabinet”.On May 5, SF Holdings issued an announcement saying that Fengchao Network, a subsidiary of the company Fengchao Cayman, signed a package deal with China Post Zhidi and its shareholders, and China Post Zhidi will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fengchao Network.This means that Fengchao and China Post Zhidi, two major smart express cabinet companies, will join forces to grab the last mile of express delivery, and at the same time be the “fit” of the leading players in the domestic smart express cabinet industry.According to data from Tianfeng Securities Research, as of March 31, 2020, Fengchao cabinets accounted for about 44%, China Post Express accounted for about 25%, and Fengchao ‘s market share after the acquisition will reach 69%.As of July 24, 2019, Fengchao has covered 100 cities nationwide and 150,000 smart express cabinet outlets, with a market share of more than 70% in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and a daily parcel handling volume of more than 10 millionPieces.Relying on the advantages of China Post, China Post Express Co., Ltd. is widely deployed in low-tier cities.As early as 2017, CIMC’s affiliated smart express cabinet company also made a price6.300 million sold to Fengchao 78.With 236% equity, CIMC’s e-stack, which belonged to CIMC, had the highest coverage rate in Shenzhen, and China ranked in the top five.In spite of the continuous merger and the advantages of Fengchao ‘s increasing market share, the newly announced disclosures, Fengchao and Courier Express, finally reached only about 1.3 billion.From Fengchao to the “crossroads”, to the left, the market share of the joint, to the right, indisputable facts of losses and losses.Statistics show that Fengchao Cayman declared audit revenue3 from January to March 2020.3.4 billion US dollars, the audited net profit is generally expected to be about 2.4.5 billion, while revenue in 2019 was 16.1.4 billion, expected to be about 7.US $ 8.1 billion; China Post Zhijiu ‘s recognized audit revenue from January to March 2020 was 70.21 million yuan, with an estimated net audit profit of about 1.5.9 billion yuan, and 2019 revenue 4.2.9 billion yuan, expected to be about 5.1.7 billion.In fact, the intelligent courier cabinet industry that maximizes “hundreds of millions” is not an undeveloped “young bird”.After China Post established the first smart packaging delivery diminishing terminal in 2010, the smart express cabinet industry entered the public eye.From 2012 to 2015, a large number of smart express cabinet enterprises were established, and the merged capital entered the bureau-in August 2012, Jingdong began to launch smart express cabinets, and in December of the same year, Courier Express was established; in 2013, Suning began to launch smart express cabinets, 2014The cloud cabinet was established every year.In 2015, SF, Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda and Pros jointly invested in the establishment of Fengchao.At present, there are various forms of courier terminals, including couriers, courier supermarkets, post stations, intelligent courier cabinets, collection points, and co-location stations.A number of insiders in the express delivery industry said that the terminal has various forms. Although the smart express cabinet project has existed for many years, due to the difficulty of promotion and the high cost, each has not made a major effort in the smart express cabinet.With the promotion of the epidemic, and the National Post Bureau’s many documents, the express delivery companies once again put the agenda on the cutting-edge settings.Zhao Xiaomin said that the average price of a courier cabinet is about 20,000, and the operating price of the first-tier cities is 50,000-60,000 yuan per unit. This is only a hard cost.In addition, Fengchao also disclosed that the establishment of an intelligent express cabinet at the end requires a tripartite agreement with the industry council and the property company, and it needs to pay a high entrance fee every year.Zhao Xiaomin believes that the general replacement cost of each express cabinet is 5-6 years.Another veteran of the express delivery industry told the sauna and Yewang that it was not difficult to lay out cabinets (express cabinets) many years ago, and smart express cabinets appeared as new things, which everyone still does not understand.However, it is different now. You need to apply for relevant documents such as express business operation permits. Express companies, local governments, properties, and neighborhood committees are involved in all aspects of the game. Only a few powerful companies can continue to deploy and even have “bargaining power.””The biggest difficulty is not manufacturing, not production, or not pushing forward, but a game with local property.The above-mentioned person said that some property companies will question the legality of the establishment of smart express cabinets and how much money they earn. Complaints and reports will be made every day.Under the epidemic, the express cabinet thawed to welcome the spring.According to data from the State Post Bureau, it is expected that by 2020, the express box entry rate is expected to reach 20%, corresponding to the demand for express cabinet slots of about 76 million, and the market demand and potential are huge.Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, also said that during the epidemic, smart express boxes (letter boxes) played an important role in ensuring “non-direct contact delivery” and preventing cross-infection, and would guide the provincial and municipal postal administration departments to coordinate with local relevant departmentsCooperate to promote the planning of alternative urban and rural public infrastructure construction such as smart express boxes (letter boxes) and public service stations, and speed up the planning and construction.It shows the official recognition of promoting the development of intelligent express cabinets.Zhao Xiaomin said that whether it is the acquisition of CIMC e-stack or the integration of express delivery, the core of Fengchao ‘s multiple business actions is still scale. The current possible key is the key, the key is how fast in the future.The current market is beneficial for accelerating the deployment of smart express cabinets. Because users have experienced the past few months, contactless distribution has become a very important part of everyone ‘s life.In addition, it considers 0.A delivery fee of about 5 yuan is indeed not the core of accumulating operating costs, but it is a long-term trend.(In the text, Zhu Zhu, Wang Dongqiao, Zhou Huaqi, Cheng Xiaoyue, Li Xiaohang inserted a pseudonym.) Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao intern Zhao Fangyuan Yang Yidan editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Yang Xuli