Scraping: The darker the more painful the more effective

Scraping: “The darker the more painful” the more effective

“Cold fever-based colds and severe heat stroke cannot be scraped at will, and scraping is not more effective as it becomes more painful and darker.
“The deputy director of acupuncture rehabilitation clinic Yuan Yuanji, a traditional Chinese physician in Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that scraping requires the public to have certain medical knowledge and skills, and not everyone can do it on their own.
  释疑:刮痧并非愈痛愈黑愈有效  源援基介绍,刮痧通过调整阴阳平衡,提高抗病能力的作用机理,主要起到解表祛邪、开窍醒脑、舒经通络、行气活血、Dehumidification and turbidity.
  According to reports, it is based on the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine skin department, using appliances (horns, jade, hot pot) and other scrapes on the skin-related parts to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.
  But it is worth noting that many people think that scraping must be painful and shameless.
Yuan Yuanji said that this is actually a wrong view. Scraping is not more painful and effective, nor is it shaving dark and purple.
In fact, it can stop after the swabbing area appears reddish or purplish red.
If the scraping area and strength are not properly grasped, one-sided pursuit of the color of the scab is not only ineffective, but also can cause damage to the flesh.
  Yuan Yuanji said that in addition to the wrong method, some patients may not be able to scrape the pimple, and it may also be caused by frequent scraping or being too sick recently and the body is too weak to scrape the pimple. Do not use excessive force to cause injury.
  According to reports, the relative indications for scraping are: cold, fever, heat stroke, headache, gastrointestinal disease, pillow fall, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, muscle spasm, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.
  Improper scraping operation aggravated the illness. Aunt Lin, 40, went to bed with air-conditioning at night. After getting up in the morning, she felt headache and nasal congestion. Then she had bad wind, neck and back pain, and fatigue. She went to the acupuncture department of the hospital.
The doctor in charge Yuan Yuanji diagnosed that Aunt Lin was suffering from cold and cold, and her symptoms basically disappeared after one treatment with scraping.
  However, Liu Bo, who also has a cold, shaves at home, but the shave becomes paler and the person becomes weaker.
The elderly and children are often at high risk for colds and heat strokes in the summer. However, is scraping really a practical family treatment for them?
Yuan Yuanji said, on the contrary, it is better not to scrape these people on their own.
  ”Because scraping is a stimulating therapy, improper manipulation can aggravate the condition or cause other physical discomfort.
Yuan Yuanji emphasized, “Scraping is derived from therapies such as massage, acupuncture, cupping, and bloodletting. Like these therapies, the four principles of operation must be followed: first, clear diagnosis; second, dialectical treatment;Due to the cause of the disease, the situation should be adjusted according to local conditions; the fourth is tonic.
For example, Wu Yuan Yuanji, taking a cold, for example, taking medicine and combining it with scraping therapy, the effect is very obvious.
Mainly wipe at Tianzhu bone, bilateral Fengchi point, shoulder well point, Fengmen point, bilateral medial edge of shoulder shoulder bone, Yintang point, chest Fengfeng point, and then drink a cup of hot herbal tea after scraping, sweating.Indeed, the whole person feels physically and mentally relaxed.
  However, at the same time, Yuan Yuanji pointed out, “If the cold is mainly fever, it is not appropriate to perform scraping alone, but to cooperate with drug treatment.
“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in particular,” headaches and shavings, and foot pains and shavings “cannot be used.
Because headache and scraping must be ruled out for organic diseases of the head, it must be diagnosed in the hospital.
  In addition, it is unavoidable to have a heat stroke in the summer heat. It is commonly known as “cyanosis”. It has two types of mild and severe. It has better curative effect. However, the patient must be moved to a cool and ventilated place immediately.Wait.
Severe illness, especially critical illness, should be treated according to the condition. At this time, it should not be scraped.
Elderly and frail old people, young children who are physically weak should be cautious.
  Scraping should pay attention to mastering the degree of stimulation. The director of Yuanyuan told reporters that scraping therapy is the same as acupuncture and massage. They all stimulate the acupoints of the human body, but only use different tools.
  ”So patients may experience discomfort during scraping.
At this time, you should stop scraping quickly, let the patient lie flat, and drink warm boiling water or warm sugar water. After a short rest, it will soon improve. If it does not work, you can quickly scrape the patient’s Baihui point, Renzhong point,Neiguan, Zusanli and Yongquan.
“Yuan Yuanji introduced.
  It turned out that the process of scraping may be the same as that of acupuncture, and there may be “fainting” like acupuncture.
Symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, paleness, palpitation, cold sweats, cold limbs, nausea or dizziness, etc.
  Yuan Yuanji said that in order to prevent scraping accidents, doctors should pay special attention to grasp the stimulus, that is, the strength and strength that patients can withstand.
In addition, doctors should take precautions and grasp the contraindications of scraping: fasting and over-fatigue patients should not scrape; those who are thin and weak in skin elasticity; treat patients with local edema, sores, ulcers or tumors; have heart diseasePatients with edema; patients with hemophilia, hemorrhagic, hemorrhagic purpura, and other bleeding disorders cannot be treated with scraping.
Patients with low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, excessive weakness, and nervousness who are particularly afraid of pain need light shaving.
  In addition, because the scraping has some damage to the skin, it is necessary to wait for a period of time after scraping, usually about five to seven days, and then perform a second scraping.
  Scraping Tips For family scraping, experts provide some common sense for the public to grasp: 1.
For any condition, shave the vertebrae first, and then the rest of the uncomfortable area.
  2.According to the patient’s virtual reality, cold and heat, appearance, yin and yang, the method of replenishing and reducing diarrhea was adopted.


Female pregnancy, menstrual period, abdomen, waist, and iliac cramps are forbidden.


It is necessary to understand the condition, to differentiate the symptoms and treatment, to examine the cause of the disease, and to determine the location of the scrape.


Skin infections, sores, ulcers, skin marks or local tumors are not allowed to be scraped.


Varicose veins of the lower limbs should be scraped or flattened from the bottom up.


Those with low platelets (easy to bleed), those who are in critical condition should be cautiously scraped, and it is advisable to make up.


Avoid the wind as much as possible to prevent the air conditioner, electric fan, and convection wind from blowing the scraped parts.


Do not use other substitutes (such as copper coins, plastics, porcelain, safflower oil, etc.).


The head and face do not need to be oiled. The health scraper can be wiped with clothes to cure the disease, and a special scraping oil must be used.


During scraping, certain amount of capillary bleeding, infiltrated into the combined tissue, and then absorbed, this is a method to increase resistance and regulate immunity.


For those who are afraid of pain, use a painless scraping method to scrape, or take a hot bath or hot compress before scraping to reduce the pain.


After scraping, it is expected that the perforation will expand. Do not take a cold shower within half an hour, but take a hot bath.


After scraping, drink a cup of hot (warm) boiling water to replenish the body fluids consumed in the body, promote metabolism, and accelerate the discharge of metabolites.


Eradicating ills, in addition to scraping, detoxification, and targeted conditioning.


Scraping does not have to be strong.