Comprehend to a certain extent,Simply increasing the number of ores cannot increase the power of the move。

And the secret method,Is a weapon made from ore。
But if you feel it‘ore’Not enough,The weapons built are also limited。
“My deity should move!”Li Ming’s human body trembled,Dust falling on the ground,Wave of hand,The hair and beard that were more than ten meters long were randomly cut off。
“With the explosive power of my deity itself comparable to the limit of the king,Plus the ultimate secret,It should barely be regarded as invincible!Must kill King Youwu!”
“but,I can only wait now,The deity first went to the outer battlefield to wait,The demon killers will first send their belongings directly back to Chaos City through the staff of the gods base,Then the avatar of the Demon Killer clan will dissipate directly and let the deity be born.!”
Chapter 22 Treasure in hand
In a blink of an eye,500 years have passed。
No news from the White Bird King,Of course this is also normal,Li Ming also has this patience。He is extremely murderous against King Youwu,But it doesn’t mean he can’t stand it。
Endure hatred,Also cultivate。
the other side,His perception of the law did not fall for a moment,Learn the secrets of the Qi Beast clan,Great progress has also been made to the Law of Origin,But so far,Li Ming did not create harmony【Secret of Autumn Wind】Side by side secret。
But this five hundred years,The biggest thing Li Ming did,Is to entrust my brother,will【Pseudo·Knife Core Circle】Sold out,In exchange for a very precious treasure。
Chaos City。
“Junior Brother,To help you get this treasure,But I ran to death!”
“Brother Six,You are the Master of Space,Will run to death。”Li Ming was talking and laughing,But looking at the box in the hands of Venerable Lieyun。
“stop looking,Hold。”Lierong waved his angry hand,The box about three meters long and wide was thrown on Li Ming’s head。