Goddea army attacking the city sharp,Can not be injured。Obviously there is still,But there is no order to attack the city,Which high-altitude is to play??Luoyang has already got the hand,The Zhou Jun, the Zhou Jun in Hongnong City was blotting.,Gao Bo Yi is in a scruple?

Liang Shizhen’s brain flashed countless thought,But I don’t understand what medicine sold in the other gourd.。
“Leader,Why make the soldiers withdraw??”
This battle is the command of Yang Su.,Does he do not feel that there is any problem?,Even if Gao Baoyi said that the impact of the weekly war martial art is not very good,Yang Su also doesn’t feel wrong with you.。
He didn’t have the opinion of Italy,But insist that Zhou Jun put the hills that lead to the city wall.,This is put through those colored eggs!Among the war,Women must not be!
Gao Bao loves feathers,His Yang Su can not care,He just wins!
“The soldiers are tired.,Let them rest。”
Gao Bo Yi put his hand,There is no tell Yang Suzhen’s retreat reason.。
After all the matters who have been retreatful to the troops,Gao Biyi returned to the camp of the Campground。as predicted,Yang Su does not ask,Asked him to retreat today。
“The military law has a cloud,Do not fight,Goodness。Today’s siege,The purpose has reached。If you continue,It is the stage of it is below.,That is not beautiful.。”
Yang Su is completely unclear that Gao Baoyi is confident,This is?
He has a predict,Zhou Jun’s resistance,In fact, it is not strong.。Maybe you can take the other side tonight.。But what should I say?,Gao Baoyi is the three army coach,He Yang Su is not。
What is the location of sitting?,This point is much more,When this battle is over, come back again.,Everything is true.。
“That humble。”
Yang Su is a little unwilling to leave。
He left later,Zheng Minmin came out from the post,Gao Bao said that she is sitting by her.。
“I want to write a call to Zhou Jun coach.,You come to write,Write a welcome point。”
Gao Bao said lazily。
However, Zheng Minmin did not say a pen.,Instead, look at him.。
“It’s just a hip-sealing king’s guy.,Let you write。”
Gao Bao thought Zheng Minmin was scared.。after all,A woman’s written written to persuade the enemy’s letter,If it is successful,This can blow a life.。
“no,I am thinking about it.,Trusters can break the city today,But let the army return。That day of death,Don’t you die??”
Zheng Minmin asked this question,More you can hit the soul than Yang Su。Gao Baoyi is satisfied with some point:“This question is good,I decided to explain with you.。”
“Today’s siege,Take more than a hundred soldiers。”Gao Boardon suddenly said:“If you want to completely occupy this city,So people who need sacrifices,at least,It is ten times that died today.。”
“This still does not include the casualties of the Zhou Jun.,The people they die will only be more。”
Today, Gao Biyi gave Zheng Minmin a new concept.,That is“Enemy casualties”。
“Enemy casualties,Don’t you do so, better??”
Zheng Minmin said that he is not a fool。
“Today’s the purpose of attacking the city,Just let Yuwen know,He is now on a broken ship.。When do I want this boat?,You can let it sink at any time.,understand。”
This truth is still very good,Zheng Minmin nodded。This year,What is the host explains with a woman?,Gao Boyi should say that she is the only one she knows.。
She said that she wants to sleep,It is not really forced by the power.。
“Half of the battle today,In fact, it is just a pressure test.。”