“Agree to enable advanced management permissions。”Lu Menglin answered without hesitation。

Ding!I only heard a crisp sound in my mind。
immediately,A beautiful girl appeared in front of Lu Menglin,Wearing a white tutu,There are small red leather shoes under my feet,A pair of big eyes are shining,Like a star。
“What the hell?What the hell is this?”Lu Menglin was shocked,Surprised。
The girl who is so beautiful that she doesn’t look like a human raised her skirt,Lightly turned a big circle in front of Lu Menglin,Then he said in an innocent tone:“I’m still Xiaozhi!Only senior managers can give me gender,Am i looking so good now?”
“Xiaozhi?”Lu Meng’s head is full of black lines,It was extremely difficult to spit out such a word from my mouth。
Damn it!If you turn on the results of advanced management permissions,Is to let Xiaozhi have the ability to change clothes,Successfully transformed into a women’s clothing boss,That’s too speechless!
“That one,Can I take back what I just said?I don’t need advanced management rights,You better change back!So spicy eyes!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly。
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Twelve Plan
Obviously,Of course, Lu Menglin’s access to senior management permissions is more than just being able to give Xiaozhi a gender.,These two guys talked sneakily for a long time,Finally reached an agreement contentedly。
After leaving the hull,Lu Menglin returned to the base outside Jingshen Valley。
Everyone is eagerly waiting,Waiting for the return of the leader。
They all know,There is a big secret in the Valley of the Gods,I’m afraid that Lu Menglin will never go back,Everyone has enough firepower in their hearts。
To know,What Lu Menglin and the others did in Jingshen Valley,Once passed,Will definitely surprise the world,Earth-shattering。