2021 West Lake Controversy, the 6th Nasal Shaping Restoration Conference, held a contemporary plastic expert group was invited to attend

  Recently, 2021 West Lake Controversy, the 6th Nasal Typical Renewal Academic Conference was held, and the contemporary Eiffel Meiji expert group represented by the Dean of the Contemporary Plastic Surgery Hospital of Chongqing was invited to attend, nearly two thousand in the world. The nasal plastic surgeon brings together to discuss the development and future of nasal plastic surgery. "West Lake Controversy, Nasal New Diffuse" Nasal Type Repair Conference is a year of domestic and foreign plastic surgery industry congresse, and is also a specifications, level and authority of international academic conferences in the nasal shaping surgical sector. It has successfully held five times. It gathers nearly two thousand global medical elites, focusing on the integrity of nasal plastic surgery, to discuss the development and future of nasal plastic surgery.

  It is reported that this time, the Chongqing Contemporary Plastic Masarsticks have participated in the sixth consecutive place, and at the 5th West Lake Controversy, the Fifth Nasal Tuning Rehabilitation Conference, contemporary plastic won the best design technology award. In addition, the convening of this academic conference will show the surgical case of the nose-shaped surgeon, and the teaching demonstration is performed, and the latest technology development results will be shared. Take this opportunity, Chongqing Contemporary Plastic Surgery Hospital is free to recruit nasal shaping cases in the country, and Wang Xunming, Xie Jinqing, Huang Dynasty, the contemporary nasal nose expert gymnograde. (Chongqing Contemporary Plastic Beauty Hospital) (Note: This article belongs to the business information of the People’s Network, the article content does not represent this website, for reference only.) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing Let more people see .