To do good kidney health in winter

To do good kidney health in winter

So, how to fight the winter “stomach fight”?

Song Hongjiang writers should start from the following six aspects: maintaining a healthy and healthy stomach is related to mental factors.

Depression in winter can easily cause discomfort, stagnation of the liver, and cause stomach upset.

Especially contemporary urbanites are facing tremendous work and mental pressure every day.

Long-term tension, fear, sadness, depression, etc. can cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, promote dysfunction of the vagus nerve, cause obstructive contraction of vasospasm in the body, and induce gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Therefore, people should pay attention to mental health in daily life, keep the spirit happy and peaceful, and avoid the negative emotion stimulation such as tension, worry, and anger.

  Promoting a regular life is also very important for rehabilitation.

In addition to the three meals on time, there must be a strict work and rest system to ensure extra rest and sleep.

Whether it is physical or mental overwork, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the digestive organs, dysregulation of gastric mucosa secretion, and eventually make the stomach sick.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the combination of work and rest, to prevent excessive fatigue from affecting the health of the dialysis tract.