Twice,I have not obtained it at all。

The distance between the two,Xiao Jo’s back is about to disappear。
Branch enlarged the sound,road:“Xiao Jo!”
Xiao Yixiao took it away,Not stay。
Wen Yan did not intend to read the whole process,Heart is so old,Suddenly overthrew his previous idea:
Perhaps branches don’t even need to open,Xiao Yao can be held in the hand by her.。
Male disciples live in two areas separated from the boat。
枝 顿 顿 顿,Reading and the preciousness of these things,Just continue to keep up,She suddenly opened the door next door,Is a female disciple in the month,Calling Kong Xinyue。
Kong Xinyue looked at the branch,Grunge:“Yan Shi,Even if you pursue Xiao Shi younger brother,You don’t have to shout so clearly.,Difficult person is good。You don’t care, face,Xiao Shi, can still don’t want to lose face?!”
Nowadays, don’t be early,It is definitely not late.,Not going to the rest time。
Fangcai is separated from a burstless laughter,Continued about half an hour,Yan Zhi is clear in the room,Among or sudden,The effect is that the sound of she shouts is a vibrating。
Branch remembers,Those chaotic talks,There are several names of Xiao Jo.。
She is looking at the look,Put the things in your arms,Touching tunes with abnormal light:“Will you see these??”
Kong Xinyue disdainfully:“Baba is holding it to Xiao Shi,People don’t care about you,I still don’t know what it is ashamed.?”
枝,The lips bending out of a smile:“Xiao Shi sent,You don’t have it.,Whee。”
Kong Xinyue:“……”
Kong Xinyue stayed for two seconds,Under the expiology:“You said in Hu!”
枝 is not directly responding,Instead, it continues the lively and unhappy lively,Enthusiastically invite:“These medicinal drugs have too much,Confucius, I don’t want to take two bottles.?”
Kong Xinyue,Don’t want to trust in emotions,Secretable to knew these good things,Greatly, Xiao Yao is given to branches.,She certainly wants。
Xiao Yue has just been,she knows,Just two rooms are set a little biased.,What happened to her peak?。Later, I heard the name of Xiao Yao.,Angery and jealousy are still suppressed,Improve the 茬 茬 茬。
Affirming the answer says,Kong Xinyue’s expression sudden change:“You dare to calculate me?!”
Kong Xinyue looks four no one,I want to teach branches,By the way, these Dan medicine will be taken away,Arm just raised,Just I haven’t known when I arrived.。
“Kong Master。”
Temperature tone,Slow speed is slow,Implied warning,“What do you want to do?”
Kong Xinyue began to shake in the moment he appeared.:“temperature、Warm brother,I……”
“Consist of the same door,But repeat。”
Wen Dao Song opened her hand,Looking at her tempting,Not soft,“Go back,You take the initiative to receive。”
Kong Xinyue is not dare to refute,The scene of Yi Zhijing is Wen Dynasty.,Unable to argue:“……Yes。”
“Go back and rest well.。”
Wen Yan put his hand,No longer watching Kong Xinyue’s reaction。
Kong Xinyue fell to the house。
Wen Yan is staring at branch。
I don’t have a word for a long time.。
枝 大 大 东,Hand is sour,Ask:“Warm brother,Can I go back home??”
Wen Yan mood is complex:“If the party, Kong Xinyue really shots you.,And I don’t stop here.,You may escape?”