Yue Wu’s face changed,The men under him raised their guns at Chen Xiu。

Chen Xiu stared at the dark barrels around him and said with a sneer:“I remind you,Don’t shake your hands,In case of fire,All of you will be buried with me!”
Chen Xiu gently unbuttoned his jacket,Reveal more than twenty grenades,All the zombies stepped back subconsciously。
“Don’t move,All the grenades on my body contain bezoar powder,I estimate that more than 20 grenades exploded at the same time,The bezoar bile powder drifts at least 30 meters away,Anyone of you who wants to be confident that you can dash 30 meters in half a second just shoot!”
All the zombies gasped,Have turned their guns upright,For fear of accident,It’s really not cost-effective to use more than 20 people to reach him.!
Yue Wu frowned and said:“You think this can threaten me!”
“I know you are a master,A small amount of bezoar gall may not poison you,but……”
Chen Xiu looked around Yue Wu’s subordinates and said:“But they don’t think so!”
Yue Wu’s right-hand man even approached him and whispered:“Takeshi,Forget it,We’ve never met him。you do not say,We don’t even say,Grandpa Baihu doesn’t know。”
“Get out!”
The assistant dare not speak,Yue Wu glared at Chen Xiu。
“Don’t think that tying a few melon eggs can threaten me,You want to leave easily,Not so easy!”
Don’t look at Yue Wu’s loud voice,But the tone is Nirvana,Chen Xiu understood that he was going down a step,Or block the face of so many subordinates,I was really threatened by my own hand grenades,How to convince the public!
“Don’t say i don’t give you a chance!”
Yue Wu stretched out a finger and said:“I singled out with you,As long as you can hold me down,I let you down!”
“it is good!”