“Cough,Your name is Xiaochuan, right?young people,It’s all like this,But I should be sorry for you,Team selection,Obviously you have reached the standard,But still no trial for you……”That is called by Feng Xichuan“Nan Xia”Said。

“did not expect,You remember me,I thought no one would notice me……But he failed to participate in the Xiayinge Youth Training……Can’t blame others,I was born3DVertigo is really not saved,Even if you keep going,It’s just a waste of time……”Feng Xichuan scratched his head,Speak slowly。
“really?Like a few days ago,That’s not what you said when you gave management classes to other corps,Isn’t the goal ambitious??Also want to compete in the top national league……”Coach Nan Xia smiled,Exposing Feng Xichuan’s cover。
“I can’t hide anything from you,No wonder the strength of the Xia Yin Ge team has always been so terrifying,You really are a monster……”Feng Xichuan’s voice awkwardly became smaller and smaller。
“Haha,I just take you to praise me,but,I am ready to retreat to the second line,Such a wonderful world of gaming,Destined to belong to you young people,And old things like me,Energy can’t reach……”
“how could be!Not seen in a few years,You are the same,Not bragging,Ordinary people i touch,Just this hard boy skill……Few can stand it……its not right,My impression,You are a master insider?Why just now……”
“You guessed it right,My kung fu has been lost……”Nan Xia did not hide。
“why?How could this be?!”Feng Xichuan directly attacked his heart with anger,Almost yelled。
“It’s okay to tell you,Today’s Xia Yin Pavilion,The sky has changed……”
“Di di di!”
A car stopped after braking,A pair of jade feet in sneakers show,Then a girl with long hair came down from the back door,Two chatting people walking near the lake with umbrellas。
“Uncle!Why did you come out by yourself again?The lord asked me to pick you up right away。”
“The habit of morning exercises can’t be changed,Isn’t this,Met an old friend,Relive the past。”Nan Xia replied。
Feng Xichuan see,Although the girl’s eyes are pretty,But the eyes are full of vigilance like a sword,Doesn’t seem to trust me at all。He had to take two steps back,The body is getting wetter。
“Qing Yang,This is the trainee of your brother
Ogawa,No need to be cautious。”
The girl with white skin than cloud mud,Like an iceberg,Unusually cold voice:“I don’t care who he is,Not interested in knowing who he is,You better go home with me,I can’t explain to the cabinet master when it’s late。”