Seven thirty,There was a burst of intensive gunfire in the trading market。

That’s the sudden gunfire,No sign in advance。
“These people deliberately want to kill the poisonous scorpions,Otherwise I won’t shoot directly,”Qin Hao thought of this situation。
The scorpion must be too rampant,So dissatisfied with the local snakes here,That’s why there is this scene。
“Bang bang bang,Bang bang,”Suddenly two loud noises,Almost overturned Qin Hao directly。
“Why did you shoot directly inside??”
This is not a high explosive,The sound of thunder,It’s not so powerful yet。
Only a large-caliber rocket launcher,There is such a movement。
“retreat,retreat,”The poisonous scorpion said desperately,There is a hole in his body。
“Where are their heavy weapons,People?Why haven’t you come,”The poisonous scorpion suffered a big loss。
Thirteen of them,Just lost six directly。
This is no ordinary mercenary,They are all retired special forces,Six direct losses。
“I’m coming,”The remaining people said quickly,Their people are coming。
“Scorpion,What happen to you guys?”A man in black went through the rain of bullets,I stared at the poisonous scorpion hiding in the corner。
“They have heavy weapons,You guys be careful,Do you bring rocket launchers?,First wave,”Scorpion pointing ahead。
“Hit me hard,Heavy weapons suppression,Give me up。”