“Not malicious?Tiangong destroyed,The hope of the brothers is gone,Is this your kind intention?!”

Li Tianzhen looked back at the place where Tiangong once existed,Look at the gods on the beach in the distance,They may be in a daze,Or sit with your head,Of course there are also a few guys who are busy treating and peeping here。
“I’m not so kind。”Li Tianzhen smiled,“Are everyone alive now??”
“At least three brothers fell in the fight just now!”
“Maybe they deserve to die!”Li Tianzhen suddenly turned pale,“See the money,Reckless brotherhood,Don’t you need to pay the price?”
“you,You are so vicious,This is shirking responsibility!”
“Look at these guys who pretend to be gods,One by one is as timid as a mouse,Just take care of what’s in front of you,Let’s take a look at how Fansheng outside faces strong enemies,Even though they don’t know any magical powers,At an absolute disadvantage,But not afraid,Unity,Not so decadent and incompetent like you,Want me to see,The palace fell well this time!Should have collapsed long ago!!”
“Arrogant,Death is coming,Dare to speak out!”Suddenly a tyrannical voice came from behind,The two turned around,But it’s the palm print,This guy just woke up,Before I can shrink my body,I heard their conversation,Uncontrollably furious,I shook my body and arrived in front of the two of them,Dragon head high up,Staring at Li Tianzhi,As if to spray out flames right away。
“The Venerable is not convinced,Dare to go out with me to fight the evildoer?”
“Ha ha,Keep these nonsense for now,Wait until you can catch your breath!”Venerable Palm Print was trapped in the Huoyan Temple by Li Tianzhi’s design,I’ve been holding back a bad breath,I vowed that I must smash this corpse into pieces,No matter what your new master、Mars,It suddenly a huge mouth,A scorching dragon breath,Although severely injured,But shooting is a desperate style of play。
Li Tianzhen was also prepared,Even the movement of his body was faster than he thought,The body took out something in a rapid retreat,It’s actually a seal of heaven,He is incredible,There seems to be some will to dominate his behavior,Huoyan Temple no longer exists,I don’t know what’s the use of this stuff?But this thing can’t help Li Tianzheng stunned,As if coming alive,Swish and get out。
The Tiangong seal rolls in the air,Suddenly become huge,Not only blocked the terrifying dragon’s breath,And suddenly accelerate,With a bang, it hit Huanglong’s dragon head fiercely,Huanglong’s huge body is as if electric shocked,The whole volley bounces,And then fell heavily on the ground,Can’t help but wailing,Painful rollover,I was surprised to see the gods。
And Gong Yin still doesn’t seem to want to stop,In the exclamation of the gods,Smashed down from the air again。
“Spare his life!”Li Tianzhen shouted,At this time, he was convinced that he did not know when there was a tyrannical will in his body,He can’t control the Tiangong Seal,Can only try to stop this will。
Tiangong Yin suddenly stopped the whereabouts,Hanging still in the air。
“Let you see how to play this treasure。”Another will speak suddenly,Then a series of obscure sound waves came,The palace seal suddenly collapsed that day,Turned into countless pieces,If you observe with the eye of insight,Each fragment is surrounded by a halo of different colors,Inside the halo are complex patterns and formations。
The fragments began to quickly merge and transform under the gaze of the gods,One by one, tall god golden puppets appeared,Every one is extraordinary,It’s worse than the three puppets that were damaged in the battle earlier.,quickly,The deformation process is all over,There are sixty-six god golden puppets,Stand in front of you in a square array of six,The air of killing is daunting。