“the host,Is the master!”Murloc old man kneels down。

Phantom waved,Look at Li Ming seriously,As if looking at a rare treasure。
“really,The message that Yuan-senpai told me is not wrong,The Divine Power Route has a fourth level,Immeasurable,The endless golden light and billions of creatures all kneel down。”
“This route,Can go through!”
“In addition, the drop of blood containing Chaotic Origin bestowed by Senior Yuan,Enough to make him the truly ultimate fighter。”
“By the time,My six holy peaks and one line,Who is not convinced in Origin Continent。”
Chapter Twenty Four Six ancestors
Just as the ancestor of the Six Holy Peaks sighed,Li Ming’s transformation is finally at the end。
It’s different from the ethereal appearance of the golden light,Li Ming, who has reached one hundred thousand times the genetic level at this moment, is absolutely restrained。
energy、The breath cannot be sensed by the outside world。
“Sense your body,As if infinitely perfect,Endless cycle of energy,Although it’s just a tiny bit of genetic progress,In fact, the origin of life has increased thousands of times!Sensation and genetic attainment10081The transformation of times is similar,It’s the absolute perfect transformation of life level!”
“Even just reach this level,Can make me possess the innate ability like no phase。”
A thought,Li Ming’s body changes,Breath change,Became the lord of the teacher Longxing,Luo Feng,Even giant axe、The True God of Chaos and the Lord of True God and Law。
then,Breath drops extremely rapidly,Like an apprentice-level ordinary human。
Become human、Demon Race、Change machine family、Zerg,Become a special life,Everything can be changed。