As for the auction stuff,Mainly martial arts,Gong Fa,And rare metals。

When the news goes out,The forces and warriors around are crazy,Because of the auction items,Definitely the existence they dream of。
Know the exercises,Martial arts and rare metals,That is the basis for the survival of a family or power,Who will take these things out。
Even if there are occasional ones in the world,Also a little bit sporadic,But this time, there will be such a large amount of treasure auction。
Could it be said that what ancient ruins have been found in Hades?,Or what baby?
Just when everyone guessed,Important news on the other side。
Pluto, who disappeared for half a year, appeared,That Shura-like man used forcible means to instantly kill the new Wanliumen。
This news is linked to the auction,Everything will become a matter of course。
So many people believe that there are so many things in Hades,Many people started to set off towards the city in the past three days,They are going to show off in two days。
The remaining two days,Mingcheng gathers people who teach and teach,But the guys who are usually manic after appearing are actually very well-behaved。
Because they understand,Pluto is coming!
Two days later,The biggest auction house in Hades,Report of an auction feast from the Cangliu Mountains,Everyone lined up early in the afternoon,Can sit in a good position。
of course,Those powers,Actually under Zeng Fenglong’s single row,I’ve already been in the best position。
By six o’clock in the evening,The seats in the whole auction are already full,Even so, there are still many people who have not come in。
to this end,At the tip of Makino,They started operating secretly,If you want to enter the auction, you can buy it with money,10,000 per seat。