If you take the secret medicine,I don’t know what level of secret medicine warrior I will become?

The ward suddenly became completely quiet,Whether it is Chai Jinxiong,Still the one-armed monster,Seems to be waiting for Lu Menglin’s answer。
“Your name is babble?It’s the gurgling water?Still greedy to drool?”Lu Menglin smiled suddenly,Speak。
Hearing that Lu Menglin dared to ridicule Venerable Lord,This is a wish to die!Chai Jinxiong’s mood suddenly relaxed,If not necessary,He didn’t want to turn his face with a purple fighter。
“it is good!Is this your choice?I understand。”The one-armed monster nodded,Arm swing,Point out,Poke the center of Chai Jinxiong’s eyebrows。
In an instant,The expression on Chai Jinxiong’s face is wonderful,He couldn’t even dream,The Venerable would actually attack him。
stunned、Panic、Surprised、anger,All these emotions surfaced on the face at the same time,It constitutes the last expression of Hong Kong Island hero Chai Jinxiong’s life。
This finger is secretive,Right on Chai Jinxiong’s brow,Enter with strength,Directly shattered his brain。
At this time, Chai Jinxiong did not become a secret medicine warrior,Can’t stop this finger,Not to mention the sudden incident,Unguarded,That’s why I was killed by a finger。
Lu Menglin saw the enemy fall on his back,Vitality dissipated,Became a corpse on the spot,The five flavors are in my heart,Don’t know what it’s like。
Shocked,Inevitably have questions in my mind,Why did this one-armed weirdo kill Chai Jinxiong?Who is he?
“My name is Tu Chanchun,Gurgling water。Kill him just because he was too noisy,I’m talking to you,He is not qualified to bother。”The one-armed monster Tu Chubu condescending,Lightly。
Lu Menglin laughed,Blinked,Lips slightly open,Smiled:“Thanks!”