But the two are guarding“Doorway”Or many of the generals can understand something,So at this time, Mu Shan couldn’t wait to find them for questioning and interrogation.!

“Two generals,Let’s know people don’t talk secretly。Actually which side are you on,Is it from the poisonous general??”
“you could say so,Can also say no。Specifically,We are just a partnership,We are not his subordinates,In fact, the poison commander was heavily involved by your Chinese special forces,I hope we can participate in the battle。But because he just painted cakes for us,Can’t give us practical benefits,So we still take a wait-and-see attitude.”
Of course, Qin Feng did not participate in Mu Shan’s interrogation.。
At this moment he is thinking about what to do next,Although I brought back people from these two barracks。Even through some small means, they had to be suppressed。But even so,Their team only cleared the barracks around the national highway。
As for some military camps that have a farther horizontal range,They don’t have the time and energy to deal with。
the most important is,Now that the road is clear,Should he enter the core combat area?
But no one is discussing with him now,Because Zhong Fa and others have not returned yet,Even bring some of the elite to deal with those horizontal barracks。After all, Qin Feng said before,Only deal with those military camps that have done something to their lair,No matter how they explain,Wipe out all the opponent’s personnel。
Qin Feng doesn’t know how much time it will take.,Only after sending the two generals into the independent brigade,Qin Feng let General Lear’s army return the same way。
In fact,Qin Feng intends to divert personnel。
Since the whole road is controlled by myself,It would be better to have some military camps around。
at this time,Qin Feng saw Liu Di,A previous gangster,Was thrown into the barracks by Qin Feng for training,see
Qin Feng wanted to kill Qin Feng’s one。
“Liu Di, come here!”