Other people are silent,I think this should be the best solution,Step back each,The sea and the sky。

Even Master Bacha has a weird face,Quite curiously looking at Lu Menglin,Wondering how he would choose?
Even an outsider like an old nun knows very well,Times are indeed different now,Do it seriously,Very troublesome,Lu Menglin will make any choice,It’s not weird to even compromise with them。
For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Menglin’s body,Waiting for his choice。
Lu Menglin lowered his head,Seems to think seriously for a while,Then he raised his head and smiled:“wrong!You are not right!Sister Zhou Min shouldn’t die!Xiao Feiran’s father shouldn’t die like this!
Big and big,The biggest reason!If you have to step on the bones of these little people,To become a big man like you,Ha ha!I would rather use these hands,Pull you big guys off,Then step on the mud on the side of the road!”
Heard this answer,The faces of Chai Jinxiong and Zhao Rensong changed slightly at the same time,The two shook their heads in unison。
“So what can you do?Beat them to death with fists?Or kill us all?Ha ha!”At this moment,Director Lai, who represents the police force, laughed again。
“What a naive boy!what can you do?If you continue to use violence,You will only spend the rest of your life in prison。
This is not brave,But stupid!Do whatever you want with force,What is the difference between you and Tuoba E!”Chief Lai shouted sharply。
“is it?so what?”The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin grabbed him,When the chest grabbed Chai Jinxiong。
I didn’t expect him to
Really do it,And just do it,The words of everyone before,It didn’t even affect him at all。
Chai Jinxiong did not expect this son to be as strong as a rock,Totally unmoved,I’d rather be hostile to the world than take action against myself。
In crisis,Chai Jinxiong actually made a move that everyone hadn’t expected,His body jerked back,Fold back at an indescribable weird angle,Easily avoided Lu Menglin’s catch。
To know,Chai Jinxiong is already over 60 years old,Even if you do fitness and maintenance,It’s impossible to compare with young people,Not to mention compared with young warriors like Lu Menglin。
But he is in full view,Easily avoided the blow,Make everyone stunned。
What happened just now?How could Chai Jinxiong have such agile skills?
Right now, the minds of most people present are like electric flints,While flashing this thought,Chai Jinxiong twisted his waist gently,The upper body turns at a weird angle,He twisted his body and punched Lu Menglin’s waist。