What is the most famous building kiln?That is undoubtedly Jianzhan,So called,Is the tea bowl。Made xun,I’m seeing you for the first time。”

I saw,The glaze color of the porcelain is as dark as lacquer,Warm and bright,The glazed surface is covered with dense white-brown veins,As fine as the vellus hair on a rabbit,sparkling with light。
Populus said,Northern Song Dynasty,With the court’s tea-fighting atmosphere becoming fashionable,The black lamp built in the kiln in Fujian became a sharp weapon for tea fight,The black glaze became the emperor’s favorite,Noble follow up,Local tyrant response,Folk emulation,For a while, black porcelain became the new favorite on the table and tea table。
Black Porcelain in the Early Northern Song Dynasty、vase、Pouring pot、Bowl and pot as the mainstream,Pursue a pure black as lacquer aesthetic,All are carefully crafted,No rough use。
By the late Northern Song Dynasty,Black porcelain has changed,Pursue the beauty of pure black glaze,Pursue a changeable and gorgeous appearance,So there are multiple decorative black glazes,Gold and silver,Tickling flowers,Oil drop rabbit,Red spots and green colors do what people can。
“This kind of porcelain,how to say!If it’s a tea bowl,Tuhaozhan is a national treasure,Very few in existence。
Of course,There are also advantages and disadvantages,Top grade,It should be sparse and dense、Clear boundary、Has a three-dimensional effect、Silver blue is better。
The spots on the same rabbit will be clear、Some places are fuzzy,Even different places will show different colors。There may also be a different transition of markings,Will be more hierarchical、Three-dimensional。
You Tuhao builds a kiln xun,Can only be regarded as middle grade,Hundreds of thousands should not be a problem。To reach a million,Just a little hard,Unless they like it。
If it’s a top-grade rabbit hao built kiln,Put it at auction,It’s not impossible。”
After listening to Brother Hu,Cat ears stunned,anyway,She would never think,Tao Xun bought for fifty yuan,It’s actually precious black porcelain,And worth hundreds of thousands。
This kind of surprise,It’s too sudden。
In fact,Inside the kiln porcelain,Rabbit can only be ranked third。
There are records in ancient anthologies:Yaobian spot Jianzhan is the supreme divine product,Worth ten thousand pieces of silk;The oil drop spot Jianzhan is the second treasure,Worth five thousand pieces of silk;Rabbit millet worth three thousand pieces of silk。
“It’s thinner,So be careful to save,if possible,I’ll change to another xun in the future,Put this one well。”Populus suggestion。
But actually,Even if he doesn’t remind,Cat ears won’t use it to play tunes,Sure to save。the best,Just find a buyer,Change hands directly,I’m afraid it will be broken on my own hand。