“Humph!”Xiongba didn’t say much,But snorted uncomfortably。

He knows Tony is an ordinary person,But there’s no way the opponent has the so-called high-tech manufacturing armor,You can hang him with that thing。
“All right,Stop arguing between you two,Everyone can gather together,It’s all fate,Should learn from each other and help,What’s the use of arguing?”
At this time,Shen Ziyao, who has been diving and watching the screen, still chooses to stand up。
She feels she doesn’t do anything about it,Worried and afraid,It’s better to come out generously,Want to come to have the ninth-tier peak strength,Won’t know her as an ordinary person,Will not expose her,Embarrass her。
“The group owner is finally online,Welcome group owner。”Shen Ziyao bubbling,The unhappy hero,Immediately changed a smile。
Ding:Prophet of Reiki Recovery,Handed over the position of group leader to Wei Ai Kaisha。
“……”Flower pity。
“……”Jiu Shu。
Just ready to blow a wave of mighty heroes,See this message,The whole person is bad in an instant。
“How is this going?Why does the sister of the group leader transfer the position of group leader to the newcomer??”Hua Lian is a little confused。
Although the strength of this newcomer has reached the unprecedented ninth level of the entire chat group,It’s the male god Hexi admires,But the sister of the group can predict everyone’s past and future,Don’t worry?
“Yes,Suddenly changed the owner,Feels a little weird。”Yun Yun replied。
“Is this the power of the 9th-order boss??Horrible!”Tony took a breath。