Keeping rules with female executives from foreign companies

Keeping rules with female executives from foreign companies

Guest He Qifang, General Manager of Nokia Southern China Regional Operator Ruan Yang Image Paper Asia General Manager of Condari Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Southern China General Manager Mai Yonghong, Manager of Asia-Pacific Purchasing Group, a world-renowned daily chemical company Fast-Print SingaporeSales general manager Shang Yanqiu Shang Yanqiu The human resources director of Siemens Meditech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is divided into private and state-owned enterprises. Foreign-funded enterprises have their own unique characteristics.

Those women who have achieved high-level positions in foreign companies not only have extraordinary talents and wisdom, but also have their own unique workplace concepts and leadership skills.

  However, due to the impact of the current economic crisis, many companies are “left-handed, right-handed”, and it is no exception for executives.

So, how do foreign senior female executives stabilize their positions and have ample edge in the workplace to become a growing “evergreen tree”?

“Manager” and Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University joined hands and invited five female foreign executives studying Lingnan CHEMBA program to talk about the female executives’ survival rules in foreign companies.

  He Qifang: Based on my personal career development experience, there are two points that are important for women: first, they must be aggressive in their work, and second, they must pay attention to the balance in development.

  No matter where a person is in a certain position, if he wants to achieve professional development and achievement, he must continue to improve and reflect his own value in work.

Without an aggressive mindset, it is easy to enter the comfort zone and limit your development. With an aggressive mindset, you can learn more in new areas, open up your thinking and vision, and strengthen your overall ability.

  Our company attaches great importance to the training of employees. In the past few years, I have received many opportunities for the company to learn and try new things.

During the sales management period, I learned to manage the front-line sales team. During the channel operation management of the company, I learned the business process design and project management to improve the coordination ability. By taking charge of the company’s operator business, I strengthened myUnderstanding of mobile terminal applications and industrial value chains.

Although every change of position will face some challenges at the beginning, it is more a wonderful experience in aggressiveness.

  At the same time, as a woman, there are many things to consider and take into consideration. At a certain stage, it is particularly necessary to consider the balance of professional development, personal promotion and family responsibilities.

While working hard, you must often learn to recharge, exercise and cultivate your body, and communicate well with your family.

This balance is very artistic, but only balanced development can make women have valuable space in the workplace, and can constantly break through the ceiling that people often say.

  Of course, it is important to grasp the present.

I rarely predict negative and uncertain factors. All my efforts are to make the best of the existing things, continuously improve and improve my ability, and become an expert in the business field. I believe this is the most important thing.Good survival wisdom.

  Ruan Yang: Coordinating various relationships. Compared with state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, interpersonal relationships are relatively simple.

In order to survive in foreign companies, talent is the foundation upon which they can stand-including business skills, communication skills, and expression skills.

Foreign companies never need a person who does nothing to the company. In fact, most foreign companies implement a target management system. Whether they can achieve their goals is the most important criterion for the audit of managerial talents.

  The survival wisdom of foreign companies is very important is the ability to coordinate and communicate well, including collaboration and communication with colleagues at higher levels, lower levels, and other departments at the same level.

To be able to understand the importance of leadership, to make reasonable references for leadership decisions at the appropriate time, to have the ability to obtain leadership support and resources, and to be able to coordinate the relationship with subordinates, be good at encouraging them, and guidethey.
In addition, colleagues in other departments may not have much contact in their daily work, but their support is also crucial at critical times.

Therefore, how to coordinate these relationships is testing the wisdom of survival.

  There is an important boundary that cannot be crossed in the survival of foreign companies. That is, individuals must meet the value standards of the entire enterprise and be consistent with their superiors.

In addition, leapfrogging is also taboo in foreign companies.

  In fact, there are not a few women who are senior executives in foreign companies. I don’t think foreign companies pay special attention to gender identity. They always care about whether you can bring benefits to the company.

So, if you want to be continuously promoted and recognized, you must participate in the company’s core business and make the company think you are important.

In adversity, women are stronger and more forgiving than men. Women with this trait are the employees who are most hoped to stay when the economy is weak.

  Mai Yonghong: Constantly seeking breakthrough challenges. In a large company like ours, everyone will encounter new possibilities. The key issue is how to seize these possibilities.

Everyone said that it is important to find a good company that you like and can continue to grow. Finding a boss in this company that is suitable for you and helping you grow is also important.

  After graduating from college, I entered this globally-known multinational company and worked in many positions from research and development to supply customer service.

Each position is hard work, and each position has brought new challenges to itself.

And constantly seeking new breakthrough challenges, this is the key to my achievements today.

  Outstanding multinational companies are full of talents. To make their victory “breakthrough”, of course, their work performance is of the utmost priority, but their personal image in the team is also crucial.

There must be more prospects, let others know you, understand you, and support you-no matter how you work, let more people vote for your “votes”, and the opportunity you win is just fine.

Therefore, while creating performance, we must also work hard to understand the requirements and expectations of our superiors, colleagues, and subordinates, and do our best to generate good performance, achieve ways to meet their expectations, and build a good interpersonal circle.Keep yourself at work!

It is also crucial to get the widest range of support and recognition.

  In my opinion, in the workplace of foreign companies to stabilize their positions, there are indeed some “minefields” that cannot be crossed. For example, if you want to abide by the company’s rules and regulations, try not to give your boss a “bad surprise”. In addition, try not toDo things that violate regulations.In the current economic downturn, as a manager, as a manager, you should strive to improve your competitiveness, such as returning to school to recharge, and constantly improve yourself.

In addition, we must be more focused, put more time and profit in mind, and create more profits for the enterprise.

  Shang Yanqiu: Building core competencies. My current workplace is a Siemens joint venture. I previously worked in a wholly-owned company in Siemens (China) for 6 years. Now I am mainly responsible for human resources strategy and management.

In my opinion, a very important aspect of the survival wisdom of women in the workplace is honesty and truthfulness.

In other words, do everything you can to do your best from beginning to end. No matter whether your boss is present or not, you can be sure of your work, and you can exceed the expectations of your superiors in order to build a good trust with your superiors.And interactive relationship.

In addition, a high level of professionalism is required.

The important point here is to study consciously and hard, so that I can continuously break through the vocational skills and thinking mode to overcome, and my work ability is continuously improved.

Therefore, I enrolled in this relatively authoritative EMBA program to achieve self-transcendence.

  I am fortunate. Each of my bosses has a very open mind, especially the current boss, who attaches great importance to human resources strategy and fully supports human resources management work, putting the enterprise management on a standardized development path, and likes to give subordinates space.Encourage everyone to seek challenges.

And like to innovate and seek challenges is an important part of my character.

After something is done to a certain degree, I must analyze it in depth and seek to discover new things that are different from before.

In the workplace, it is easy for a person to seek comfort, but in doing so, it is also easy to put himself in danger of stagnation.

Therefore, women in the workplace have reached a certain stage, they must have their own core competitiveness, and this way competition is constantly improving.

This core competitiveness is necessarily an irreplaceable feature.

In this way, you will be recognized and widely respected by the people around you in the management team.

  Su Jingyi: Let learning be fun. Our company is based in Singapore and is mainly engaged in circuit board trading. Some customers come from Southeast Asia and some from Europe and the United States.

In my company, I am responsible for both sales and supplier and business development.

In fact, before joining this company, I knew nothing about circuit boards. I joined the company by copying the modest attitude of studying.

Two weeks after joining the job, I went to factories in various places to study, and humbly asked engineers for advice-for many years, I have had high requirements for my learning and improvement. I believe that no matter how much business I do, I must have deep professionalKnowledge.

Therefore, learning becomes a pleasure for me.

Now, I go to the factory to talk with the professionals, they are all surprised and don’t believe I haven’t been in this business for a long time.

  Therefore, in my opinion, as a senior manager, whether you are a foreign company or a domestic company, if you want to be more successful, you must have high requirements for yourself, and ask if you do not understand.

Professionalism, dedication, and a high level of comprehensive literacy are fundamental to gaining the respect of employees and partners and opening up your own career path.

  This society is indeed a patriarchal society. Women are weak in some aspects. However, women also have many special advantages, such as communication skills and cooperative spirit. The key is that female managers must have sufficient self-confidence. Of course, at leastYou need to be truly capable, you must constantly enrich and improve yourself, and be able to respond to changes that may occur in the future.