How to prevent cervical spondylosis with medicated diet

How to prevent cervical spondylosis with medicated diet

The choice of medicated diet for cervical spondylosis should be replaced according to the type, severity, duration of the disease and the health status of the patient.

  (1) Neck type: The method of dehumidifying with nuclear wind and rejuvenating muscles is adopted, and the meal of “pepper root and snake meat” in “Practical Dietary Therapy for Bone Injury” is used.

Specific contents: ①Main ingredients: pepper root 100g, snake meat 250g.

② Ingredients: rice wine, shallot, ginger, pepper, salt.

③ Method: Wash the pepper root and cut it into 3cm sections, remove the viscera of the snake and wash it, cut into 2cm long sections; put the snake meat and pepper root in the pot, add onion, ginger, salt, rice wine, The right amount of water, boiled with martial arts fire, switch to gentle heat and boil until the snake meat is cooked.

④ Usage: Take in portions.

  (2) Nerve root type: the method of warming the collaterals and activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis is used instead of the “compound safflower medicinal liquor” in the Compilation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparations.

Specific content: ①Main ingredients: safflower 100g, angelica 50g, red scallion 50g, cinnamon bark 50g, proper amount of 40% ethanol.

② Production method: Drying and crushing the medicine into coarse powder, 1000ml of 40% ethanol, and filtering for 10?
15 days, filter, add some solvents and continue to inject medicine residue 3?
After 5 days, filter and add to 1000ml.

③ Usage: 10 times each time
20ml daily?
4 times.

  (3) Sympathetic type: The method of clearing the liver and removing wind, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis is used instead of the “Jujue Cassia Drink” in “Practical Dietary Therapy for Bone Injury”.

①Main ingredients: 10g chrysanthemum, 15g raw sandalwood, 15g (casserole), and moderate amount of rock sugar.

② Preparation method: cook three medicines at the same time, remove the residue and take the juice, and add rock sugar.

③ Usage: substitute tea.

  (4) Spinal cord type: The method of nourishing qi and activating blood, and collateral palsy, replacing “Dilong peach cake” in “Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacotherapy”.

Details: ① Main ingredients: 100g of yellow castor, 30g of dry earth dragon (wine dipping), 20g each of safflower and red peony, 50g of angelica, 10g of chuanxiong, 15g of peach kernel (peeled and slightly fried), 400g of cornmeal, wheat面 100g,白糖适量。
② Production method: Dried ground dragon flour, yellow castor, safflower, angelica, red scallion, chuanxiong and thickly fry the juice; mix the ground dragon powder, sugar, cornmeal and wheat flour, and blend the dough into the dough, Divide into 20 small biscuits; spread peach kernels evenly and steam them in a human cage (or bake them in the oven).

③ Usage: Every time you eat cake?
2 tablets, 2 times a day.

  (5) Vertebral artery type: The method of nourishing kidneys and kidneys, strengthening the muscles and strengthening the bones can be used as a substitute for “Bingtang Clams” in “Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Therapy”.

Specific content: ① Main ingredients: 45g clam oil, 15g canned green beans, 10g handles.

② ingredients: ginger, shallot.

③ Method: Add 500g of clear water, 15g of sweet wine juice, onion festival, ginger slices, steamed for 2 hours, you can gradually expand the hair, recover, remove ginger, spring onion, drain the waterRemove the black fascia from the oil, big into several pieces, and put it in a bowl, add 500g of clear water 15g of sweet wine juice, steam for 2 hours, you can fully expand the hair, fish in the soup bowl; arrest and wash the seeds,Steam 180g of water and 50g of rock sugar, steam for 1 hour in the bowl of Shengren. When the sugar is dissolved, discard the precipitate and pour it into the bowl of clams, and remove the frame. Green beans can be used.

④ Use: Serve with meals.

  (6) Mixed type: choose a meal depending on the emphasis of the evidence type.