The three love spells teach you to subdue him

The three love spells teach you to subdue him

1 Praise him for being different.

  Tell him that you like his lefty and praise him for writing emails.

Tell him boldly that you like him to control everything tonight.

As long as you notice his difference, it means that you praise him differently than ordinary people.

  2 Tell him what is most worthwhile for him to see.

  A man is a visual animal, so it may be useful to use more precise words to outline a sexy picture that can activate this part of his brain cells.

For example, when you describe a story to him, add more details about your body. “When I was doing yoga last night, it was very painful and could not complete the action.

“Or” Last summer in France, I liked wearing that blue bikini . “You showed a picture, and he saw it.

  3 Share your secret dreams with him.

  Tell him that if you could live on another planet, you would be a ballet dancer or a government spy.

Then ask what he will do.

When you first meet, show him your rich imagination and make him impressed.

At the same time, you also let him know that you are a dream girl and you will not compromise with foreseeable reality.

  Dude brain scan “Why do we let them go?”

“Why don’t they love breaking up?

-Men are always afraid to face everything.


com When your man’s performance is getting worse day by day, you have no choice but to break with him.

The most incredible thing is that he must have always thought he was doing well.

Every man feels good about himself and very much doesn’t want to take the initiative to break up with his girlfriend and make the other person hostile.

For men, pretending to be garlic and letting women take control of their choices are their most respectable way of handling.

Why are they always timid?

Men have a strong fear in their hearts about being “Chen Shimei”, for fear that their ex-girlfriend who was accidentally thrown away will be used as a target, causing anger or tears.

Then I had to bury my head in tortoise-don’t take the initiative to break up!