Now now,He can only say,After the end,Turn away。He

This way,All the people around them also spread,Yao Jiajun three top majors are also extremely unwilling to retreat.。
“The so-called Hong Kong city is not so。”
Yao Jiajun is a glass of red wine,Gently shake,That abnormal cheeks are full of disappointment。
“Do you think that what will he still have?,As a result, the gray face is walking.,At least he is the owner of this wine party,Want to let a person ugly,It’s too easy.。Oh。”
Listen to him so much,Yang Yufeng and Sun Ren’s eyes next to it。
“Home,What idea you have??”Yangfeng’s eyes flashing a hatred,“This thing can’t be alive.。”
Sun Ren also attached to the nod,Cheeks have become like often cool,“Right,Can’t forget it。”
Yao Jiajun smiled,“I am not good.,After all, it is a wine held by Mu Tian.,If I am, I am not a winner.?”
This sentence,Yang Yufeng and Sun Reed,Into a laugh in my eyes。
How can they don’t understand Yao Jiajun’s meaning?。
“Home,Let’s know if you don’t say anything.,Yesterday, the bastard was swept with three faces together.,If you pass it out,What will others see?。”
Toned,Yang Yufeng also,“You won’t be these,Let’s talk about the brothers.?”
Yao Jiajun laughed,But not。
Obviously, the rabbit is not eagle。
“You are embarrassed。”
Yang Yufeng bite his teeth,“As long as you help me and yourself,The company under my name gives you two sets of shares。”
“I am also the same。”Sun Ren Road。
“Huh。”Yao Jiajun laughed,The yin soft quality is more obvious.,“Two is really a happy person,Ok,Since you are all like this,If I don’t shoot,Isn’t it too impossible?。”
Toned,Swift,“In fact, we are all cheated by the little son.,The reason for suffering,Just eat, I don’t know him.,I first explore his bottom,When he gave him people,How do you see?”
“Good,Listen to you。”
The two faces come together.,In the eyes of the haze。
Yao Jiajun is a touch of smile.,Red wine slowly,I want to go to the direction of the summer.。
But just at this time,Just now, Mu Tian suddenly returned.。
Unlike,He also followed one side。
This is a tall youth,John 278 years old,His long swordster,Face like a knife,Handsome,Carefully see,Youth actually a pair of deep blue scorpions。
Entrust,Mu Tian changed the gloomy face,Ambitious smile,Sound,“I am coming to introduce you.。”
He pointed to the handsome youth,“This is He Yu,He Elder,Um,He is from Oous Island。”
Voice is just,Everyone in the field,Following the face, it turned out to be surprised.。
Island,He Jia!
That is the island’s richest super giants,Not only controlling a commercial giant ship,The most important thing is……Casino!
In Ota,Casino is legal。
How big is the interest of the casino?,Many people present are clear,Everyone did not expect Mu Tian actually met this person.。
One time,Yao Jiajun and other top sons hang a smile,Take the initiative to say hello。
For these,Summer is not concerned。He
It’s very hungry now,Really hungry。
First1335Chapter Hostility