“Nonsense!You can still feel when you die”Xia Jian said,Reached out and scratched Chen Jing’s feet,Chen Jing suddenly pumped her foot,There is a slight smile on his face。

I saw Chen Jing was saved,Xia Jian dare not delay for a moment,Because he doesn’t even know what’s going on outside now,They must leave here as soon as possible,Otherwise another avalanche,No matter how good he is,I can only sleep here。
Xia Jian rubbed Chen Jing’s soles for a while,Make her a little warmer,He pulled down a few silver needles on Chen Jing’s body。the whole process,Chen Jing looked at Xia Jian with surprise,She may not believe it,Xia Jian still plays with these things。
“All right!You have to move your body,Otherwise you will be frozen again in a while,I have to dig a way down the mountain quickly,Otherwise we will die”Xia Jian said,Bypass Chen Jing’s body,Run to the front and start digging snow wildly。
Chen Jing struggled to stand up,She was shaking with cold,When she saw Xia Jian working so hard,The woman was also completely shocked,She also started to help Xia Jian dig snow。At the beginning,People can’t stand still。But as she moves faster,The whole person is getting better。
At least she doesn’t feel how cold it is,On the contrary, I feel a lot warmer。Xia Jian saw Chen Jing could move freely,He is also very happy,He asked with a throat:“Have you seen Xia Fei?”
“She rolls faster than me,At least ten meters faster,But then I didn’t know”Chen Jing is digging snow,Said breathlessly。
She suddenly patted the bag on Xia Jian’s back,It means it will be easier to let him down。But Xia Jian shook his head and said:“It will be warmer”
Chen Jing discovered,Xia Jian is very thin,His only coat,Was laid under her body by Xia Jian,Chen Jing hurried back,Took Xia Jian’s coat,Speak loudly:“Put your clothes on”
Xia Jian turned around and smiled:“You put it on!I’m sweating”
Chen Jing took a closer look,On Xia Jian’s forehead,There is indeed a thin layer of sweat。She can’t say more,Busy putting Xia Jian’s coat on myself。
that’s it,The two began to dig snow again。Because each of them knows,If you want to get out of here alive,Currently this is the only way。
It’s terribly quiet in the mountains,The whining sound made by Zizuki when the wind blows by。
slowly,Xia Jian’s fingers were soaked with blood,Stained the white snow red。Chen Jing sees it,Hurt in my heart,But in this case,They have no way。
I don’t know how much time has passed,The snow road dug behind is 20 to 30 meters long,Xia Jian guessed,They should be under the mountain。At this time due to physical exhaustion,He staggers,So I fell all over。