“it’s wired,I clearly see……”

Thinking of poker magic on the cruise ship,Come to tears brightly,Kneeling in Liao Wenji,Four out。
She opened the bathrobe,It is still an endless……wrong,This time I still have a little harvest.。
“Big sister,Haven’t found yet??”
“no,He is a very powerful magician,I guess the principle behind the magic.,May only know that the diamond is collected.。”
Come back and forth,I don’t understand why Liao Wenjie is lie to her.,Did not trust in deliberate deception??
probably not,As long as she is willing,That’s, the diamond is taken as a newcomer letter。
But if this sentence is also spoof……
The woman who got love began to suffer from being lost.,Each make a guess for Liao Wenjie,Will find the reason to overthrow。
“Big sister,What should we do now?”
I am worried about my life.,Not only for the drop of diamonds,It is because of my big sister.。
Always,Come and tears are the leaders of the three sisters.,Nothing is not too much,There is also the style of the elders,Always calm down calm,Creating comfort circles and security for two sisters。
Suddenly I saw it to tears six gods,It’s not free to talk to you.。
“It’s ok,I still have a way……”
Women with tears,Re-arrange the combat plan,Let the students who are responsible for the monitoring work for the props。
Twenty minutes later,Two hotel staff take the elevator,Gifts the basement of your valuables,Waiting for a long time to drive away from Fuze Troupe Hotel。
suburb,Abandoned warehouse。
A bunch of lights,Two people carry back to back locks on the chair,Set of black bags。
Liao Wenjie and tears。
After a small shout,Liao Wenjie wakes up,Shake a clear head,Backhand and tears ten fingers。
“Tear sister,How are you,Where is this?,What do they do for you??”
“I am fine.,But I just woke up.,I don’t know where this is。”
Come and tears:“Ager,The other party should be a kidnapper,This time, I am harmed.。”
Liao Wenjie:“……”
‘coma’when,Listen,Should not listen,He all heard,The current location is also because of the sight of the crow,Positioning one clear。
His first kiss is a first kiss that is refreshed in the morning every day.,If necessary,Handshake is zero-action,The first kiss of tears is true,Refreshing。
A enchanting confusion,Charming,Be perfect,Actually there is a first kiss,This……
Old color batch!
What makes him accidentally,Surprise effect is amazing,I thought it was a small grain of a hidden murder.,Who is a slag,I didn’t expect the other party just a new auret.,He sold a little slightly,Just like a rich family。
Nor eliminating the reason for tears.,Just like she said,External table is strong,Reality makes she put down the weakness of women,Just help two sisters to cover the wind。
Once this layer of camouflage tear……