Five obstacles to longevity

Five obstacles to longevity

Ji Kang, the word uncle night, the Wei national famous scholars in the Three Kingdoms, the metaphysicist, and the “Xi Kang Collection”, in which “The Answer to the Health and Wellness” discusses the problem of excessive health, “healing the five difficulties” is a very worthwhile point of view.

The so-called “five health difficulties” is that in the process of maintaining and improving health and health, people often encounter five difficulties or obstacles, so it is difficult to repay as expected.

  A “furious” violation.

If a person’s emotions such as emotions and sorrows are too strong and misbehaving, it will lead to illness and damage to health.

If you are good at reducing your emotions, you can promote the improvement of your physiological health level by removing unreasonable emotions.

  Second, “fame and fortune” interference.

A person who is keen on “competing in the name of the DPRK and taking advantage of the city” can only maintain human health by simply removing the concept of fame and fortune.

  The three “taste” is blocked.

The so-called “taste” does not mean eating and drinking that meet the basic physiological needs, but refers to the excessive pursuit of eating and drinking, luxury dining.

If you are always obsessed with the possibility of “taste”, it will affect your health.

  The four “sounds” are destroyed.

If a person is obsessed with the sound of dogs and horses, and lives a vast and chaotic life, if you want to get physical health, it will be “difficult to go to the sky.”

  The influence of the five sacred “distraction”.

Under the affirmation of the physical form of the body, the spirit has a major adverse effect on the form.

Therefore, the ancient thinkers and medical scientists believed that to stay healthy, we must maintain our spirit and not let it dissipate. The so-called “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The gods are prosperous, and the lost gods are dead.

“The famous Tang Dynasty medical scientist Sun Siming has quoted the above quotes of Ji Kang in his masterpiece “Preparing for the Urgent Needs”, which translates into the “five health difficulties” as the “career’s purpose” and gives a high evaluation.