“front、Just turn right in front。Crowded,No parking space in the community,Just stop there on the side of the road,Correct,Right here。”Pierced out of the car,Help watch the distance of the wheel near the roadside,I saw that the eyes of the people who were passing by were focused on the car,Can’t help but feel proud。“The distance is right,Shuai Wang, your driving skills are really good!”

Chen Wenjin glanced at the roadside after getting off the car,Did not speak。
Wang Shuai glanced at the roadside,Then hold back、No smile。The location is obviously too far away,But he is too lazy to move。
The house rented by Ear Hole is a dormitory shared by some units in the past,Small balcony with kitchen toilet,Living room and bedroom integration,Which is the basic type of a single apartment。
The furniture and bed in there are already there,Folding small dining table opened,Four people sitting around the table,It happened。
Chen Wenjin estimates multiple computer desks in the future,If the wardrobe is bigger,Just a bit crowded。
Such a house,100 per month rent。
By numbers,Like clouds,But in terms of income,Accounted for 20% of the lowest and middle income of this era and 10% of the monthly salary。
of course,Compared with the situation of Pengshi in the future,The pressure is still much less。
“Place is too small,Wronged you。”I feel a little embarrassed,Take out the beer from the rusty refrigerator,And bought cold dishes。
Xiaocui has done the soup,Very happy to say:“How do you taste?”
Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai had a drink,All nodded and said:“Delicious!I didn’t expect Xiaocui to have this craft。”
“Being forced to cook at home,Several years。”Xiaocui said with a smile:“Actually I hate cooking,I usually buy and eat my piercings,But today to thank Wang Shuai,Also welcome gold as a guest,I will cook myself,Show sincerity。I’ll give Wang Shuai a glass first,Thanks for your help,Ear piercings can find such money-making things to do。I didn’t know there was an extra bonus before,Originally, the salary was very high,Pierced ears, go out and come back,Give an extra two hundred!”
Piercings are calmer,Although also happy,But after all, he used to sell friends into the water,People who have seen black money,Just say:“Wait for the money to be issued next month,I drink!I also offer a drink to Wang Shuai。”