Industrial and Commercial Bank of China uses 5G + AI wisdom elements to improve service quality and help to resume production

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China uses “5G + AI” wisdom elements to improve service quality and help to resume production
At present, the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has entered a critical stage. The ICBC Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store adheres to overall planning, pays close attention to the prevention and control work, and uses “5G + AI” to click the “acceleration key” for resumption of production and production.The financial business operated steadily.  The reporter came to the “5G + AI” smart zone and was immediately attracted by the “ICBC Product Scroll” smart display screen.According to the staff of the branch, the “ICBC Product Scroll” provides customers with product options that are optimally adapted to each stage according to the company’s individual cycle. It is divided into corporate life cycle walls and personal life cycle walls.  Due to the different business requirements of enterprises and individual customers who resume production in different industries and individual customers, the demand for financial services is also diverse.Here, customers can continue to break through the “meteorite” in the waterway by operating the aircraft that is ready to sail in the life cycle wall, and pass the initial, growth and maturity period of the enterprise development cycle through the customer.At the same time, ICBC’s supporting corporate financial products and services will immediately appear on the screen. Click on the product to view the details, so that customers can fully feel that they are on the road to resumption of production. ICBC and enterprises go hand in hand.The reporter experienced the convenience of opening an account during the start-up period. After clicking “Start-up Period”, options such as “Convenient Account Opening” will appear. Select “Convenient Account Opening”. A QR code will appear on the screen. Scan the QR code to process online appointment opening.The whole process is very convenient and fast, which not only avoids the occurrence of crowds, but also reduces the direct contact between customers and bank employees, and protects the health of customers and employees.  The individual life cycle wall displays different products for individual customers according to four stages: “green years”, “fenghuazhengmao”, “splendid years” and “golden time”.At each stage, it is recommended to adjust the credit card, loan, physical precious metals and fund wealth management products. Customers can directly purchase or scan the QR code of the product to view the details and make an appointment application, effectively realizing the “contactless” service.The staff of the outlet introduced that in addition to product recommendations, the “Golden Age” on behalf of the elderly stage, especially for elderly customers, set up tips to prevent illegal fund-raising risks, and strive to help customers achieve safe investment.  In order to facilitate customers’ product tour, the enterprise life cycle wall and personal life cycle wall are all set with product keys. Click to view product details.If the customer wants to know the details or ask for help, they can also click the “one-click call” option on the screen to call the staff. The customer service manager will come to the customer to provide help as soon as they receive the notification through the smart watch.ICBC Smart Bank, while using a lot of existing product services and business models, also actively innovates the product display form of the bank according to the actual situation of individuals and enterprises, strives to provide customers with full-cycle coverage services, and solves business needs through multiple channels for resumption of production.  ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store insists on grasping epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, supporting resumption of production and production on the other hand, continuously adding financial services, transforming the advantages of smart banking services, promoting artificial and intelligent, online and offline, remote and on-site combinationWe will strive to create a customer experience with warmth, peace of mind, and peace of mind, further improve the quality and efficiency of service, put every job and every exchange into place, and unite the strength of one heart and one mind to fight against the epidemic.