Workplace: Please keep a flat heart

Workplace: Please keep a flat heart

To look at work with a normal heart is like playing a football game, it has its own rules of the game.

Our responsibility is to follow this rule and seek the most effective and intelligent way to achieve our goals.

And the others are our team partners, we work together to win a game.

In this process, we only need to work hard to do our own psychological duties.

  Some people regard work as entertainment, and others regard work as hard labor.

Is the office heaven or hell?

To a large extent, it depends on what mentality you use to face.

  After graduating from Xiao A University, he joined a company and became an ordinary employee in his office.

After two years, she felt that she was the most unfortunate person in the world: no time to live, no good job, no money, no house.

The monthly salary is very poor, and it’s hard to get out early.

Until one day, she met a girl who was working in the factory. The girl looked envious and said: “How good work is like you!”

Our factory is in a downturn, I have not been in the class for half a year.

“Little A told her that she felt that she was too tired to go to work. She was trying to resign.”

Where are you not angry?

Drinking cold water is also a slap in the face!

It should be cherished.

“Small A stunned, I don’t know how to answer.”

Going home and thinking about it for one night, she discovered that she was not alone, and her life was quite good.

It turns out that my own unhappiness is because I am too impetuous, so a normal heart.

  Normally, it is not a profound and unfathomable study. It is not a mysterious thing. It is just the ordinary heart of an ordinary person. It is a flower, a mountain, a mountain, a meal, and a sleep.

It seems to be simple, but it is not so easy to do, because the human heart is too complicated.

There is nothing in the world, but mediocrity is self-interesting.

People always like to worry about themselves. The disputes in the office are often called.

If you blindly consider personal gains and losses, playing the right to manipulate, harming others and self-interest, can only be self-sufficient.