Why do old people chatter?

Why do old people chatter?

First of all, jealousy is a means for the elderly to rule out loneliness.

Psychological research points out that people’s psychology needs to be stimulated by various environmental factors in order to obtain health.

Without this stimulation, people become dull and nervous.

When the elderly retreat from work or work, they will focus too much on some “not use” things.

Perhaps as keen to look back, it will endlessly chatter.

After the younger generation returns home from work, the old man will be full of words of sorrow.

After the children’s independence, something is no longer obeyed by the parents. The instinctual psychological defense function used to support the old people’s opinions and habits, and disapproved of the opinions and opinions of the juniors.

Some old people feel that they have nothing to ask for, and they have placed their hopes on life on reorganization, and turned too concerned about interconnection.

  Basically, the elderly need to achieve a balance between psychological activities and the objective environment through repeated repetition of words.

Older people apparently cause decreased sensory ability due to brain deterioration and dysfunction.

After the perception of the elderly is reduced, the feedback on this mental activity will fail.

  If you can’t see anything, you can talk to yourself and concentrate on your efforts to look at it. If your hearing is diminished, if you don’t even hear what you say, you will repeat it and try to make yourself hear it.If you can’t hear it, you will have concerns and ask again and again.

  Memory loss is an important cause of repeated embarrassment in the elderly.

This is mainly manifested in the obstacles of short-term memory ability.

Old people often forget about things quickly, read articles, and listen to speeches. They must be repeated several times before they can figure out clearly; they have just forgotten what they have just said, and they think they have never said it before, so they will repeat the same words.

  In short, chatter is the performance of the old people’s psychological and physiological functions.

As a younger generation, you should be tolerant and give more care and respect.