Eight kinds of foods suitable for eating in spring, clear fire depends on them

Eight kinds of foods suitable for eating in spring, clear fire depends on them

In the spring, the onion can be supplemented with vitamin C. The vitamin C content is 10 times higher than that of apple and 2 times higher than vitamin.

Onions also contain onion and garlic, which has the effect of replacing bacteria.

Tips: 250 grams of garlic, 500 grams of scallion, chopped with water 2000 ml decoction, 3 times a day, one cup each time, can prevent the flu; if it is stomach pain, too much stomach acid, people with indigestion can put the onion 4A gorgeous, transferred to 200 grams of brown sugar, and even served for several days.

It is especially suitable for eating yam and yam in spring. It is nutritious and has spleen and qi. It can prevent spring liver qi from spleen and spleen. It can nourish kidney and improve essence and strengthen human body resistance.

Tips: Rice boiled into porridge, add sugar and steamed yam yam and mix well, can strengthen the spleen and lungs, strengthen the body, nourish the kidney and benefit the essence, very suitable for the sick and sick and middle-aged and elderly, if you add red datesCooking, the nourishing effect is better.

Spring sterilization can eat garlic and garlic has a strong bactericidal ability.

According to the latest research, garlic also has a certain brain-enhancing effect. Vitamin B1 can resist the harm of making multiple substances to the human body.

Tips: Do not eat raw food on an empty stomach; kidney, liver, bladder disease should be avoided during treatment; heart disease and habitual constipation should pay attention to eating less; can not eat with honey.

The infirm can eat jujube jujube and taste sweet, especially suitable for spring consumption.

Tips: For those who are weaker in body and have a bad appetite, you can usually eat more jujube rice: it is mainly rice, with red dates, bright color, refreshing and sweet.

Amaranth is the most suitable for the production of leeks, sugar, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and volatile oil.

In addition, leek also contains anti-biomass, which has the effect of seasoning and sterilization.

Tips: As the saying goes, “Amaranth spring food is fragrant, summer food is stinky.”

The spring climate is different, it needs to maintain yang, and the amaranth is warm, and it is best for human body yang.

Hypertension and constipation eat spinach spinach carotene content can be replaced with carrots, a person who eats 50 grams of spinach a day, its vitamin A can meet the normal needs of the human body; vitamin C content is more than twice as high as tomatoes.

Tips: constipation, high blood pressure, headache, red face, can be washed with fresh spinach into the boiling water for three or five minutes, remove the chopped, with any sesame oil, salt and other food, twice a day when the food is veryIt is easy to be effective.

Spinach contains oxalic acid, which combines with calcium in other foods to form a hard-to-dissolve calcium oxalate, which is not conducive to the normal absorption of calcium by the human body.

So it should not be excessive.

Dizziness, headache, eat some leek and leek taste sweet, slightly cold, can clear the liver and eyesight, cool blood to stop bleeding, clearing heat and diuretic.

Tips: Patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, 60 grams of fresh leeks daily, add appropriate amount of water, boil the pot, beat eggs 3, eat eggs and soup, can improve the symptoms of dizziness and headache.

In the spring, the lettuce is eaten with lettuce, which contains a variety of vitamins, which are rich in iron.

Tips: The nutrient content of lettuce leaves is higher than that of lettuce, in which carotene is more than 100 times higher and vitamin C is 15 times higher. Therefore, it should not be abandoned.