15 cases of external treatment of psoriasis

15 cases of external treatment of psoriasis

Young adults are sick, with multiple implants, limbs, and thighs.

The disease is easy to recurrent, lingering and difficult to heal, you can choose the following prescription treatment: 1, fresh scented phoenix tree branches, broken juice to coat the affected area, 3 per day?
5 times.

  2, fresh purslane 500g, washed and smashed, spread the affected area on the cloth, change one day.

  3, the amount of fresh hoof roots, the juice is coated with the affected area, once a day.

  4, the amount of fresh walnuts, with a knife to cut off the green outer skin of the walnut, chopped, gauze bag, forcefully rub the affected area, 3 times a day, for 20 days.

  5, 2 raw eggs, 150ml of vinegar, soak for 7 days, remove the shell, smash, rub the affected area, the current use.

  6, almond 15g, rice vinegar 250ml, the almonds are chopped, mixed with rice vinegar and heated, first wash the affected area with warm water, then wash the affected area hot, once a day, once every 2?
3 times, repeat the use of the method at intervals of 2 days.

  7, born in the Pinellia one, vinegar mixed, Pinellia vinegar grinding juice, licking the affected area.

  8, Sophora 200g, vinegar 500ml, soaked for 5 days together, first wash the affected area with warm water, remove the scales, and then apply the above medicine, 1 time in the morning and evening, use 3?
5 days.

  9, sulfur 30g, vinegar 60ml, a total of vinegar dried to the degree, grinding powder, vegetable oil to coat the affected area.

  10, fresh purple diced 30g, kerosene amount, the purple diced diced immersed in kerosene for 24 hours, when used, take purple diced diced by hand, rub the affected area, 2 times a day.

  11, 1 fresh beehive, 30g of alum, 15g of camphor, 250ml of rice vinegar, burn the hive, add alum to the powder, soak the camphor in rice vinegar for 7 days, then mix the medicine and cook it to the porridgeShape, the affected area is washed, scraped off the scales, and the above medicine is applied once a day for several days.

  12, the amount of cat’s eye grass, take its white juice, coat the affected area, 3 times a day.

  13, safflower 15g, alkali powder 30g, add boiling water 80ml, blend and stir into a half paste, apply the affected area several times a day, 15 days for a course of treatment, with 2 courses.

  14, arborvitae leaves, 200 grams of sage leaves, 蒺藜秧 400g, a total of coarse grains, gauze bag, add 2500ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, wash or soak with a soft towel sputum liquid.

  15, sulfur, pepper 10g each, 1 egg, a small mouth of the egg, go to the protein to leave the egg yolk, add the medicine to mix, simmer baked, add eggshell together with powder, add oil to adjust the affected area.