The psychological basis of premarital sex

The psychological basis of premarital sex

Premarital sex and unmarried and pregnant women are still numerous in real life.

According to the statistical data of a pre-marital examination at a maternity hospital, it seems that the phenomenon of pre-marital sex has reached a surprising level; too many girls are pregnant because they are unmarried and have seriously affected their physical health.

Why does the phenomenon of unmarried first sex and unmarried first pregnancy become an objective reality problem?

  Some people have conducted a survey on unmarried and pregnant girls who have undergone artificial flow and found that the main types of premarital sex are the following: Psychology of love: Two people enter into a love relationship from first love, and their feelings are like paint.Every three autumn “feeling.

Love has become hot, and once eachother is on, sexual behavior will follow.

Although these girls have a sense of shyness in “flowing people”, they do not feel empty and distorted. They even think that this is a selfless dedication to their boyfriend.

  Catering to the psychology: These girls think that the boyfriend’s conditions are better than themselves in all aspects. When the boyfriend asked for sex, because he was afraid of losing the other party, he silently agreed to cater to the other party.

  Possession: This kind of girl thinks her boyfriend is good, while other girls have a certain degree of competition with her. In order not to lose herself in the competition, they have sex, which results in a fait accompli and achieves the purpose of possession.

  Disguise: They often have sex with their boyfriends as a last resort.

When her boyfriend made a sexual request, they did not want to do it from their heart, but they couldn’t resist it.

  Fortunate psychology: After the first sexual relationship, most of them have a nervous fear of pregnancy.

But after a long time, he found that he was okay.

As a result, she was pregnant.

  Obedience: These girls are often demanded and controlled by the man when they ask for help from the men to help them solve employment problems. Although they are not willing, they still have sex with patience.

  Curiosity: Adolescent girls enter into adolescence, through the increase of the level of sex hormones in the body, at the same time a series of changes in the body, at the same time, they are also curious about sex.

These girls are suspected of having tried sex and had sex.

  Rebellious psychology: The marriage of these girls often suffers from family, relatives, friends, and organizational obstructions, preventing her from interacting with her sweetheart. Therefore, rebellious psychology and sexual behavior occur.

  Indifferent Psychology: These girls are affected by the “sex liberation” of the West, and they do not care about imitating pre-marital sexual behavior, so they are out of control.

  Sexual Awakening Ahead: Adolescent girls develop hazy sensuality and like to have sex with the opposite sex.

The increasing number of sex shots in film and television dramas, rich youthful communication, and intricate social influences have made them like young sexual awakening ahead of time. A kiss from the lover on the screen, a passionate gesture in the magazine, and a nuanced sexuality in the novelDescription, an intimate action in the park . will naturally attract the attention and thinking of girls in the sexual obscurity period, making them arouse the desire to associate with the opposite sex and faintly generate sexual impulses.

Their social experience is not rich, they are not familiar with the world, they are not easy to control their feelings, they are easy to fall into the “love network” and cannot extricate themselves, or even “have fallen into hatred for a long time.”

“Adolescence is also called” sexual danger period “by psychologists.

  In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of premarital sex and unmarried pregnancies, adolescents should be provided with appropriate sexual physiology, psychology and positive moral education.

Adolescent girls, parents, and teachers must not simply and rudely interfere with their social interactions. We must provide positive education and correct guidance to help them establish a correct view of the opposite sex, and teach them not to indulge in blind pursuit of the opposite sex and waste their learning years.Baffled precious youth.

For film and television, hugs in the park, kissing shots, sexual descriptions in novels, sexy and profound photos and portraits in magazines, we must strengthen immunity, cultivate correct aesthetic awareness, and help them extract the essence and dregs.

In the contact of the same sex, young girls should cherish their self-esteem, self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance, build up a solid psychological defense, clear away distractions, and attract them to study in full.

Once premarital sex and unmarried pregnancies occur, parents and schools and units should use the correct education and help methods, absolute discrimination, irony, sarcasm and scolding, and should avoid increasing their mental tension; consider their personality and protect them from loveFrom the perspective of help and sympathy, persuade them to learn lessons.

Medical staff must establish good medical ethics, and allocate sympathetic attitudes towards treating patients and saving others.

Only when the whole society is mobilized can we reduce and eliminate the abnormal phenomenon of premarital sex and unmarried pregnancies, and make it possible for teenagers to successfully pass the dangerous period of adolescence, so that their psychosomatic development and growth can be healthy.