There are 10 possibilities for common foods in life.

There are 10 possibilities for common foods in life.

When we take medicine, we will look at the drug instructions carefully. In many cases, certain drugs will be replaced in different degrees. However, some experts have reminded that not only drugs, but also many foods that are often eaten in life will cause certain substitutions to our bodies.Will have a certain impact.

  Common foods in life can cause these 10 possibilities: 1.

Body odors have been found to have adverse effects on the body odor caused by red meat.


Acne (acne) high saturation abnormalities and trans-obesity increase a subcutaneous increase, which can stimulate the increase of skin ulcers.

Scientists point out that drinking milk often causes high incidence of acne.


Allergies are the number one discomfort in food.

In theory, any food can cause allergies.

But in fact, the main culprit in 90% of allergic reactions is the following eight categories of food: milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts (including brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish, soybeans and wheat.


Candidiasis (also a yeast yeast infection) overgrowth of normal yeast in the human body leads to yeast infection, which is achieved by affecting the level of yeast in the body (food provides nutrients to yeast).

Foods that may cause typical infections of yeast are: sugar, vinegar, refined yeast, baking powder, and foods that selectively yeast.


Heartburn and acid reflux can cause a lot of heartburn. Some foods can cause weakness in the lower sphincter (a muscle that can make food from the esophagus to the stomach), which in some cases leads to higher stomach acid than usual.

The chance of acid reflux is greatly increased beyond normal conditions.

The most common foods that cause heartburn are citrus fruits, fried and small foods, vinegar, tomatoes, and chocolate.


High cholesterol (high blood lipids) animal foods contain high levels of cholesterol. Absorption of these foods can lead to elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood and increase the risk of developing the disease.

Related foods include: the brain of cattle, pigs and sheep, internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen), eggs.


Kidney stones high in animal protein and low fiber can lead to the production of kidney stones.

Some studies have shown that it is necessary to increase the estimated calcium and reduce salt, animal protein intake, and reduce oxalic acid foods such as spinach, cocoa, nuts, peppers, tea, etc., and its oxalic acid will combine with calcium to be absorbed by the body.Calcium oxalate precipitates and is excreted with feces.


Cognitive Impairment and Memory Loss Research by Rush University’s Medical Center in Chicago points out that especially for some older people, if they put too much copper in their food, their learning and thinking skills are slow, memoryRapid decline.


Edema with high salt, high sugar, high sodium food can cause edema.

The body needs a certain concentration of salt to maintain the balance of the internal environment, but the excessive salt overlap should increase the salt concentration in the body. If the body needs to replace the excessive salt concentration, it will retain a large amount of water, leading to edema.

(Pier) headache food may cause only another migraine, but also a tension-type headache – it feels like wearing a “tightening spell”, the whole head hurts.

It causes pain in the head of the head by affecting the chemicals in the brain or by chemically changing the size of the blood vessels.

Some people cause headaches due to the high levels of amino acids tyramine and aniline in the food, causing more blood to flow to the brain.

Common foods that can cause headaches are: mature cheese, beer, red wine, chocolate, and foods that contain nitrites (such as smoked or marinated meat products).