Namtso is a vast expanse of water

Namtso is a vast expanse of water

Namtso Namu is one of the two most important stations in our rush trip to Tibet.

One stop should be the Potala Palace, and one stop is Namtso.

  The fascination with Namtso has been for a long time, because she is the second largest saltwater lake there, and based on its height of 4,718 meters, she is the highest in the world’s saltwater lakes. She is also the three holy lakes in Tibetan

She and the many beautiful and touching love legends of Nyainqentanglha Mountain have long been familiar.

Just a friend gave me a very special “China National Geographic” special, Namucuo is regarded as one of the most beautiful five lakes in China.

  At 8 o’clock in the morning, we drove off the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and headed for Namtso.

  The sky is covered with dark clouds, and occasionally on the windshield of the car, there will be some heavy raindrops, and the air is thin and cold.

The road is very spacious, but the car is actually climbing, but we don’t feel it is obvious, because after all, it is going to rise by an altitude of nearly 1,500 meters in more than 100 kilometers.

There are very few passing vehicles on the road, and pedestrians are even rarer.

  On the left side of the car is the mountain range of the Nianqing Tanggu Mountain. The snow peaks are looming and unpredictable.

On the right are some crops, and more are layers of mountains.

  The mountains of Tibet are very distinctive.

Its mountains are like a knife, and its edges are ridged, and the gullies are vertical and horizontal.

  The clouds in Tibet are equally amazing.

It is overwhelming, dense and dense, with mountains and peaks.

  The companions may have some visual fatigue. Perhaps they feel the discomfort of altitude sickness, and the car tends to be quiet. Only the car walks alone between the low and narrow heavens and the earth.

  My thoughts are gradually flying.


.  The sky is so low, the heavens and the earth are so narrow, and there is only the mountains and the clouds between the heavens and the earth.

If you compare this mountain to a tall man, no doubt this cloud is a tender woman.

Between heaven and earth, the world of men and women, the so-called spirit of all things, is also.

Between the worlds, the love between men and women is an unchanging theme. The past is, now and will continue to be.


.  Then, I really should admire and even worship these creatures.

You see, the man is so stalwart, he is vigorous and vigorous, simple and profound, even if his aggressive cold and full of sorrow, it will only reflect his fortitude.

And the woman, with her full of thick and thick feelings, embraces everything about men, even if the eyes are even exposed to the sun, she is still lingering, indulgent.

Ha ha!

Perhaps the love of the world should be so strong, so persistent, maybe this is called true love.

  Jiangnan can’t see such a mountain, so cloud-like, and can’t see such a breathtaking momentum.

The mountains are green and the clouds are flowing.

Most of the mountains are not so awkward, round and soft, just like the gentleman of the Jiangnan men, introverted and cowardly.

The clouds are even misty, and if they leave, there is a little sunshine, or the breeze is sloppy, and it has already drifted far and wide.

It is loveless or unintentional that you can never wonder whether her heart is inside.

.  I really don’t understand, for thousands of years, this love is evolving or degrading.  At 10 o’clock in the morning, the car arrived at Dangxiong County.

It was originally possible to turn into the mountain road and go to Namtso in the place where the county is not.

The group member wgt plateau reacted so badly that the two oxygen bags on the car could not alleviate his symptoms.

Had to find the treatment of Dangxiong County Health and Medical Center.

Other group members feel strange, w’s physique is good in the team, how is he lying down first?

The hidden feelings are only known to me – w lived with me last night, they have finished playing poker at 10 o’clock in the evening.

The tour guide reminded as much rest as possible, but they thought that playing poker is also a break; the tour guide persuaded to take as little bath as possible, not to take a bath, and who is not washing every day.

Sometimes people often underestimate the severity of their objective and overestimate their abilities before the danger really comes.

  The hidden feelings are far from these.

Perhaps it is far from the dust, come to this distant and unfamiliar environment, perhaps the simplicity of the plateau awakens the long-standing sincerity in our body.

Last night, we both talked and chatted until four in the morning, and there was almost no good sleep overnight.

The topic has gone from humble beginnings to small achievements, from hardships to hardships, from family trivia to friendships, from sweet love to love and hate.

Be honest and heart-to-heart.

When I was excited, I would jump out of bed.

  Two big men, how many times can you be so bold and heroic!

  w In the hospital, it is oxygen, but also infusion, it seems that it is impossible to follow the group.

Placed well w, asked the nurses to take care of them, they reluctantly, and quite regretted to go out of the hospital.

  On the Qinghai-Tibet Highway at the entrance, I saw a pilgrim who had bowed from Qinghai all the way. It was really a moving scene.

  A middle-aged man is graciously squatting forward and waiting for his long head.

Every time he walked five steps forward, he kneeled on his knees and supported his body with his hands. With two small planks on his palm, he rubbed the ground heavily and threw himself into a shape and fell to the ground.

Then close, stand up, go five steps forward, and repeat the same action.

It is said that there are often such pilgrims who are not afraid of the long distance, not afraid of environmental sin, not afraid of torture, and used one or two years to come to Tibet for pilgrimage.

  I thought about it again.

Buddhism is committed to the reincarnation of the reincarnation. Such a sincere pilgrimage, not to suffer less for the next round, to enjoy more happiness, to have a good place to go, good retribution.

But you have never been good in this life, so you are looking for hardships, suffering from it, what are you doing for the rest of your life?

  I think so much, I hope I will not blaspheme the gods.

Amitabha, sinned!

  The car began to climb on the dirt road, and the slope became steeper.

Fortunately, the weather is very good, the road conditions are acceptable, no need to be thrilling.

It’s just that the head is getting heavier and it hurts.

  At 12 o’clock noon, I finally climbed to the Naganda Pass, which is more than 5,100 meters from Nianqing Tanggu Mountain.

At the Nagata Pass, a strange mountain bag stands out, next to a Mani heap that flutters.

This is the highest mountain pass I have ever had in my life. I am naturally excited, but the plateau is not enough. I dare not act rashly and rush to shoot to show this.

A few foreigners, even returning by bicycle, full of rich, full of face harvest.
We sighed with Buddha, and took a group photo with them to share the sense of accomplishment of the conquest.
  Looking far ahead, suddenly open, surrounded by vast meadows and mountains, like the blue pearls of Namtso has actually jumped into the eye.

  The Namtso, which is close at hand, let us go for another 2 hours.

On the way, a small creek blocked the road, the small bridge rushed, only watching other people’s off-road vehicles whizzing past, our small bread is 150 yuan, please pull the big truck through the creek.

In fact, we have always asked the travel agency to arrange the land cruiser off-road vehicle, which I did not insist on.

It seems that going out, it should not be, and it can’t be done.

  At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, finally, we arrived at Tianmu Namtso.

  Namtso, the magical sky lake, the god lake, the holy lake!

It is in harmony with the Nyainqentanglha Mountains.

  Standing on the edge of the lake, I feel like a wave of waves, like the sea, and far more complicated than the sea.

She is moving and charming, calm and more charming.

The lake is pure and blue, crystal clear, and the lines of cobblestones in the lake are clearly distinguishable.

There is really an impulse to embrace.

Holding a lake in the mouth, it is in the mouth, not salty, and the reaction is fresh and incomparable.

  On the other side is the Nyainqentanglha Mountain Range that is dependent on her life and death.

The undulating, heavy stacks, shoulders and silver armor, the arm of the arm, the main peak of 7162 meters is just like the Prince Charming, looming, with its broad mind, true red, fearless spirit, 2 million years old, loyal guardianHis beloved beautiful goddess.

  The sky is blue and transparent, and the clouds are white and excellent.

  I believe that the Creator has made me see the most beautiful scene in this world.