Delicious meal with steamed pork ribs

Delicious meal with steamed pork ribs

Steamed pork ribs?

Let’s take a meal. This is the recipe for your own research. If you like to eat steamed vegetables, you can give it a try.

Steamed pork ribs?
Ingredients: Pork ribs: 300 g potatoes: 2 garlic: 4 chopped shallots: 1 small steamed rice noodles: moderate amount of dried lotus leaves: 1 bean paste: 1 spoon of bean curd: 1 piece of soy sauce: 2 tablespoons of liquor: 1 tsp: 1, cut the ribs, wash, dry the water, add the crushed fermented bean curd, soy sauce and white wine and marinate the ribs for half an hour.

You can also use cooking wine without liquor.

After marinating, add steamed rice noodles and mix well.

2, peeled and cut the potatoes, add 1 spoon of bean paste and stir fry, add half a bowl of water and cook until the water is dried.

3, wash the lotus leaves, spread on the bottom of the plate, put the cooked potatoes on the lotus leaves, peeled and chopped garlic.

Place on the potatoes, then place the marinated pork ribs on the potatoes and put them in the pressure cooker.

Cook for 10 minutes after the medium heat reaches the pressure cooker.

4. After the gas of the pressure cooker is released by itself, open the lid and take it out. Sprinkle the chopped green onion when eating.

The ribs potatoes and the lotus leaf fragrance blend into one, delicious, delicious, and eat too fat.

Many people dare not use pressure cookers.

In fact, the pressure cooker is really a labor-saving and labor-saving method.

If you do not operate the pressure cooker, use a normal pot to steam.

It can be steamed for about 30-40 minutes.