“Hey-hey,I advise you not be angry good,When the body does not hurt to say,But also suffer,Uncomfortable waiting for you, welcome to come to me to challenge at any time.,Of course, if you want to kill me,You also have to prepare for the slain。”

Lee said the wind taken directly lilies,Then just start to treat each other up。
Those of the whole body acupuncture points,He prescribed order,Then constantly ferment the spiritual force。
Cui Yongan wind also staring at Lee。
How he did not think Lee would wind lily Cixue so magical。
In fact, he has always been not to believe that the theory of traditional Chinese medicine,Feeling is the spiritual deception of it。
But that warm feeling to let him know that this is not a spiritual paralysis,But a real stimulus。
Especially with the body becomes warm after,He can feel completely relaxed feeling。
That made him comfortable relaxation could not help but closed his eyes。
Guan Yun also looked nervous in the hands of the wind ward Lee lilies that long body piercing Cui Yongan。
He also did not experience these,If this time it is not anxious to go back,He will not think of Li Hui。
But since found a,He can only choose to believe the other party。
after an hour,With lilies out,Cui Yongan actually passed the snoring。
The wind is quiet Mimi Lee Road:“All right,We go out,When he woke up basically nothing serious a。”
I heard this,Everyone is surprised while。
“Lee brother,Don’t you say that you will be hurt??
And his ribs seem to be broken.。”
Looking at Guan cloud incredulity,Li Hui also laughs:“The Queshiruci,But I gave him a little unique way of treatment,Off Big Brother can understand the potential of stimulating a certain part of his body,Then he gave a quick fix,But a human universe,Many secrets of the universe and even the gods are not necessarily of research thoroughly。”
Other people hear these words wind Lee also some fat ignorant,I can’t understand what Li Hui said.。
But it is somewhat off the cloud Sidongfeidong,Because Li Hui Feng gave his Taiji seems to record the words of yin and yang。
Original yin and yang,He thought that http://www.wecanvalve.cn his internal organs。
But now he seems amazing discovery。
“Lee brother,Then how long he can sleep??”
“Not surprisingly, a night to sleep it,After all, a lot of things to fix。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Guan Yun is also sent to this.。
Cui Yongan is the next morning woke up。
He felt an unprecedented spirit,When you get up,Shimoji just the moment,He stunned。
Quickly and lay back。
During this time, he is so crazy.,But he also knows his own physical condition,If this was just that money in a deft move up action will certainly be wound。
But it is just not the slightest feeling。
“Cough”Watching two teammates lying in bed sleeping,He is also a little unwilling。
Heard him cough,It is also awakening your teammates.。
“Xiao Cui,You wake up.,You get up activities about it,The captain’s http://www.guangcaizhixing.cn brother said that you are nothing to sleep.,I do not know the true and false,Do you want to give the doctor called to check?”
Eight hundred and twentieth IX endless variations
Cui Yongan heard this is also a glimpse.,I still thought of just getting out of bed and stretched,It seems that there is no problem.。
But to be safe,He still decided to let the doctor check it out.。